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Sell and buy products such as currency or shares on Trading 212 - Forex, Stocks, CFDs for Android and get to know the value of gold, oil or cryptocurrencies


The app to invest in stock markets

May 8, 2024
8 / 10

Smartphones have simplified to a great extent the majority of operations with currencies and stock market investments as anyone can keep up with the variations in the value of shares and currencies, wherever they are, without any middlemen and in real-time. That's why those that are starting off in the stock exchange world download apps of the likes of Trading 212 - Forex, Stocks, CFDs, an application to trade on the stock market.

The FOREX currency values, as well as gold, oil, shares, rates, and cryptocurrencies

This is an app aimed at users that want to become the next Gordon Gekko and have a great break on the stock market (or maybe if you just need to exchange some foreign currency and you want to know the best rate). That's why they need to download this APK to their smartphone, to receive due information about the value of different products, such as currencies or shares.

It's an application that offers us all this information whilst it also allows us to invest by purchasing or selling any of the hundreds of products available to trade with. Here we can find absolutely every single product on the stock market, such as currencies, gold, oil, shares of important companies, cryptocurrency rates, including Bitcoins...

This is the market, my dear friend.

These are the main features of this application:

  • Over 750 products to operate with.
  • 24/7 trading with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereium, Litecoin, Ripple...
  • Real-time charts and data.
  • Financial news.
  • Possibility to operate with a Demo account.

Before you start mucking around with this application, you have to bear in mind the warning of its developers: the so-called CFD or contracts for difference, are contracts between a seller and a buyer and, therefore, are leveraged products. That means that negotiating requires certain experience and understanding the risks... that's why if you're not too experienced in the buying and selling on the stock market, you might be interested in the Demo account offered by Trading 212, a simulation that's based on real-life data but using pretend money.

So, before logging in as a real user, we recommend you to find out how it works, know what fees you may have to pay, read opinions... everything you need to operate safely with this app.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 7.0
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