Applications to Control Expense and Finances on Android

Thanks to the financial and expense control apps for Android you'll be able improve how you handle your resources knowing how much money you've really got

Paytm 10.41.4 English
Paytm 10.41.4

Complete app to pay bills, send money, buy tickets, or make hotel reservations

PayPal 8.62.1 English
PayPal 8.62.1

The safest and most popular online payment method

Google Wallet 24.18.633340707 English
Google Wallet 24.18.633340707

Google's mobile wallet app

Robinhood 2024.15.4 English
Robinhood 2024.15.4

Invest in stocks, options, and funds

Revolut 10.27.1 English
Revolut 10.27.1

Fintech app free banking services for individuals

Skrill 3.133.0-2024041610 English
Skrill 3.133.0-2024041610

Fast and secure online transactions

Venmo 10.41.0 English
Venmo 10.41.0

The PayPal app for sending and receiving money

Alipay English

Chinese PayPal for Android

CashBean 2.5.2 English
CashBean 2.5.2

A simple app to ask for small credits

mPokket 3.8.7 English
mPokket 3.8.7

Fast loans for students and young professionals

Google Pay for Business 1.117.215 English

The Google Pay app designed for business

Mode Earn App 1.233.0 English
Mode Earn App 1.233.0

Complete simple tasks to earn money with your smartphone

Google Pay 227.1.1 English
Google Pay 227.1.1

Pay safely with GPay

IndOASIS 2.9.6 English
IndOASIS 2.9.6

The functions of the Indian bank in pocket format

Fibe Instant Personal Loan App 3.1.2 English

Get loans between 1,000 and 500,000 rupees

Refer Earn 2.0 English

Recommend the app to others and earn money

MetaTrader 5 500.3650 English
MetaTrader 5 500.3650

Buy and sell stocks on your mobile device

Trading 212 7.7.0 English

The app to invest in stock markets

Samsung Wallet 15.4.01 English

A digital wallet to pay and carry virtual documents

Pocket Broker 1.219 English

Learn how to invest in the stock market and access the financial markets.

Airtel Thanks 4.86.1 English

The app for Airtel users

Starlink 2024.04.1 English
Starlink 2024.04.1

The app for configuring your satellite internet service

PaySense 4.0.14 English
PaySense 4.0.14

Indian app for fast mini loans

Sendwave 5.12.0 English
Sendwave 5.12.0

Platform for fast transfers to anywhere in the world

Vivid Money 3.4.1 English

A modern and alternative online bank

BLING 2.20.0 English
BLING 2.20.0

Get a loan instantly

freenet - The Free Internet 2.16.0 English

Get hold of free MB in India

Square 6.29 English
Square 6.29

Accept payments and carry out refunds with credit cards wherever you are

Navi 3.4.12 English
Navi 3.4.12

Request an instant loan with your cell phone

PayPal Business 8.57.2 English

Manage payments through PayPal in your business

McMoney 3.11.0 English
McMoney 3.11.0

Earn money for receiving SMS messages

Yandex.Money 5.41.0 English
Yandex.Money 5.41.0

Pay online with this app

Forex Royale 0.6.43 English
Forex Royale 0.6.43

Learn to invest with this game

Wizely 4.0.57-release-457 English
Wizely 4.0.57-release-457

The app that helps you to save money and manage your finances

AstroPay 3.3 English

Online payment method for mobiles

ABCash 1.4.2 English
ABCash 1.4.2

Indian application for quick credit

Wise 8.56.1 English
Wise 8.56.1

Send money internationally from your phone

FreeMyApps 2.13.4 English
FreeMyApps 2.13.4

Earn money trying out free applications

Huawei Wallet English
Huawei Wallet

The mobile payment app from the Chinese company

Admirals 1.5.3 English
Admirals 1.5.3

Trade financial markets with your cell phone

Power Bank 10.1.4 English
Power Bank 10.1.4

Participate in the electric energy business for vehicles

My Data Manager 9.10.0 English

Control your data consumption

MetaTrader 4 400.1419 English
MetaTrader 4 400.1419

Trade on the stock or Forex market

Tradgo 2.1.4 English
Tradgo 2.1.4

Financial App to Make Payments in India

Snapmint 11.1.65 English
Snapmint 11.1.65

Buy products online and pay in installments

Ads Exchange 1.4.7 English

Mobile platform for buying and exchanging ads online

OctaFX 2.8.8 English
OctaFX 2.8.8

Trading app for investing in markets from your phone

Bizum 2.0 English
Bizum 2.0

Pay and receive money quickly and securely using your cell phone

GigaLife 3.0.7 English
GigaLife 3.0.7

Contract new services for your mobile

Easypaisa 2.9.39 English
Easypaisa 2.9.39

Manage your payments with this financial app

Payoneer 5.4.0 English
Payoneer 5.4.0

Send and receive payments with this app aimed at professionals

Banknote Scanner 0.0.15 English

Cell phone counterfeit detector

Paytm Money 9.0.1228 English
Paytm Money 9.0.1228

Indian investment platform

Webull English

The official app of Chinese business to invest in the stock market

MoneyTap 3.6.5 English
MoneyTap 3.6.5

App for applying for fast loans with your cell phone

OlympTrade 8.8.21910 English
OlympTrade 8.8.21910

Learn how to invest in the financial market

Branch 4.65.1 English
Branch 4.65.1

Easily apply for a loan in Kenya, Nigeria, Mexico, and India

My Vodafone 10.49 English

Android app for the customer area of Vodafone

ING 8.5.13 English
ING 8.5.13

Manage your ING account from the app

Zettle 7.20.2 English
Zettle 7.20.2

Paypal turns your smartphone into a POS

Taptap Send 1.116.0 English
Taptap Send 1.116.0

Send money with one tap

Cashi 2.1.0 English
Cashi 2.1.0

Pay with your phone and enjoy exclusive deals

W1TTY English

An online bank to cover all your needs

Samsung Global Goals English

Help eradicate poverty and hunger

Invoice Maker 3.3.504 English
Invoice Maker 3.3.504

Waltz through your invoice making process

Settle Up 10.0.2091 English
Settle Up 10.0.2091

An ideal app to split expenses among friends

LinkAja 4.31.1 English
LinkAja 4.31.1

App for secure payments and transactions

DANA 1.28.0 English
DANA 1.28.0

Manage your cash with a virtual wallet

OVO 3.104.0 English
OVO 3.104.0

Purchase without cash problems

Khata Book 6.42.2 English
Khata Book 6.42.2

App to manage transactions between businesses and customers 6.10.5 English

Know the status of financial markets in real-time

Verse 9.48.0 English
Verse 9.48.0

The app to pay with your phone

TangBull 2.8.5 English
TangBull 2.8.5

App to get fast credits

Lydia 9.4.4 English
Lydia 9.4.4

Pay your debts from your smartphone

BananaBucks 1.1.18 English
BananaBucks 1.1.18

Fill out surveys on your mobile and earn money

Broxel Pay 5.2.931 English
Broxel Pay 5.2.931

Online banking services from your phone

WikiFX 3.1.1 English
WikiFX 3.1.1

Find the best brokers to invest in the stock market

Vantage 3.2.3 English
Vantage 3.2.3

Online CFD and Forex broker

Counterfeit Money Detector 2.1.14 English

Turn your Android device into a counterfeit detector

Honeydue 2.64 English
Honeydue 2.64

Finance and money management for couples

CashCounter 2.1 English

The easiest and most visual way to count your cash

MobiKwik 22.65.5 English
MobiKwik 22.65.5

More convenient payments tailored to your needs

Facebook Viewpoints English
Facebook Viewpoints

Participate in Facebook improvement programs

BUX Zero 4.20.2 English
BUX Zero 4.20.2

Invest in stocks and ETFs from the palm of your hand

Konnash 2.13.3 English
Konnash 2.13.3

A ledger for your business

Trade Republic 1.1.5540 English
Trade Republic 1.1.5540

Manage your finances and invest in the stock market

Investing Game 2.14.1 English

A game to learn how to invest in the stock market

MarketWatch 6.6.15 English
MarketWatch 6.6.15

Read all the financial news on your smartphone

Indiegogo 1.8.2 English
Indiegogo 1.8.2

The official app of the famous crowd-funding portal

Earnin 10.54 English
Earnin 10.54

Get ahead of the payday to get paid

Tricount 7.1.5 English
Tricount 7.1.5

A simple app for dividing expenses and making accounts between friends

Tab 2.1.5 English
Tab 2.1.5

Divide the bill with your friends easily

Splittr 1.0.5 English
Splittr 1.0.5

Split the bill with your friends easily

MyLebara 2.21.1 English
MyLebara 2.21.1

Manage your mobile account from your smartphone

Moneytree 1.8.2 English
Moneytree 1.8.2

Manage your accounts from your Android

Kissht 2.0.7 English
Kissht 2.0.7

Get a quick loan in India

Lending Adda 1.5.0 English

App for instant credit

Binomo 5.5.0 English
Binomo 5.5.0

An app to play in financial markets around the world

Fortune City English
Fortune City

Have fun playing with your city's economy

DEGIRO 2.3.7 English
DEGIRO 2.3.7

Invest in the stock market from your Android device

Traffic Monitor 12.6.0 English

A tool for keeping track of your data consumption on your mobile device

Goin 6.11.1 English
Goin 6.11.1

Save money and easily invest your profits

VeWorld 1.5.3 English
VeWorld 1.5.3

The ultimate self-custody wallet

Cartera Digital 1.14.4 English

Store and share your official state credentials

MyLead 1.0.1 English
MyLead 1.0.1

Tools for earning money online

ryd 4.7.4 English
ryd 4.7.4

App for paying at gas stations with your phone

XTrend Speed 1.6.3 English

A complete online trading platform

Mi Carpeta Ciudadana 1.6.3 English

Contact with public administrations in Spain more easily

XTB 2.59.0 English
XTB 2.59.0

Invest and learn how to invest in stocks, ETFs, and CFDs

ExpertOption 8.5.0 English

Fast online investment platform

Euro Verification Assistant 2.701 English

Tool for identifying forged euro banknotes

Verimi ID Wallet 2.3.5 English

All your online ID data in one app

Paxum 1.3.50 English
Paxum 1.3.50

Payment platform for companies and customers

ABANCA 1.11.1 English
ABANCA 1.11.1

The official app of the Spanish bank

My O2 14.9.28 English
My O2 14.9.28

The app for all customers of the telecommunication company

Portmone 02.40.00 English
Portmone 02.40.00

An online mobile payment service

NerdWallet 9.15.0 English
NerdWallet 9.15.0

Financial tools and information for making the most of your money

Piggy 3.55 English
Piggy 3.55

A digital piggy bank to help you save money

Afterpay 1.47.3 English
Afterpay 1.47.3

Shop now and pay later

TransferGo 4.90.2 English
TransferGo 4.90.2

Send money anywhere in the world from your cell phone

Zenmoney 6.6.1 English
Zenmoney 6.6.1

Control your spending and manage your finances easily

Money Lover English
Money Lover

Manage your finances and track your expenses

52 Weeks Money Challenge 4.7.0 English

Challenge to save money in one year

Digit 3.53.0 English
Digit 3.53.0

Save money and improve your finances

Goodbudget 2.13 English

Expense and budget manager for saving money

AndroMoney 3a.13.3 English
AndroMoney 3a.13.3

Control your expenses and keep track of your finances

Plum 2.34.2 English
Plum 2.34.2

The app that helps you save money

FBS 1.89.0 English
FBS 1.89.0

Futbol Club Barcelona teaches us how to invest in the stock market

Zaim 3.38.0 English
Zaim 3.38.0

Keep detailed track of your personal finances

Trading Game 2.4.4 English

Financial simulator to start investing in the stock market

PAYCO 3.18.0 English
PAYCO 3.18.0

Pay and transfer money from your phone

Stock Trainer 4.09 - Beta English
Stock Trainer 4.09 - Beta

Training to invest in the stock market

Best Brokers 1.4.26 English
Best Brokers 1.4.26

Become an expert broker

CANDI 2.1.58 English
CANDI 2.1.58

The official app of the Indian Canara Bank

Affirm 3.112.3 English
Affirm 3.112.3

Buy things and pay whenever you want (or can)

AXISnet 7.11.0 English
AXISnet 7.11.0

The app for AXIS customers

MSN Money 1.2.1 English
MSN Money 1.2.1

Financial information in the palm of your hand

My Zong English
My Zong

The app for managing your phone costs on Zong 4G

Brigit 318.0 English
Brigit 318.0

Get a quick loan when you need it most

Dave 2.44.1 English
Dave 2.44.1

Get an advance on your salary

My Beeline 4.57.1 English
My Beeline 4.57.1

Manage your account from your mobile

Splid 1.3 English
Splid 1.3

Fantastic cost-sharing tool


Control and manage your personal finances using your cell-phone

myXL 5.2.1 English
myXL 5.2.1

Monitor your mobile data quota

True Balance 6.24.03 English
True Balance 6.24.03

Financial Services App

Privat24 6.65.04 English
Privat24 6.65.04

The app of the Ukrainian PrivatBank

mySF 6.19.0 English
mySF 6.19.0

The app of the telephone and Internet operator Smartfren

IO English

Contact the Italian Public Administration

Acorns 4.8.0 English
Acorns 4.8.0

Invest, save, and spend responsibly

by.U 914 English
by.U 914

Official app of the Indonesian data provider