Applications to Control Expense and Finances on Android

Thanks to the financial and expense control apps for Android you'll be able improve how you handle your resources knowing how much money you've really got

Paytm 8.1.1 English
Paytm 8.1.1

Make payments, send money or receive income

Tez 25.0.001_RC02 English
Tez 25.0.001_RC02

Make safe payments with Tez

Cash App 2.40.1 English
Cash App 2.40.1

Send and receive money on your Android with this application

freenet - The Free Internet 2.5.2 English

Get hold of free MB in India

PhonePe 3.3.39 English
PhonePe 3.3.39

Pay with your phone: from bills to phone recharges

AppLike 1.0.0 English
AppLike 1.0.0

Earn money by playing recommended games

FreeMyApps 2.13.3 English
FreeMyApps 2.13.3

Earn money trying out free applications

Skrill 2.5.1 English
Skrill 2.5.1

Manage your online payments

Mubble 3.18.3 English
Mubble 3.18.3

Control the expenses of prepaid cards

Google Pay 2.82.231680166 English
Google Pay 2.82.231680166

Google's mobile payment app

Barclays Mobile Banking 1.57 English

The app for Barclays Bank customers

Banking Card Reader 4.3.5 English

Store on your phone the data of your credit card

BBVA Spain 6.15.1 English
BBVA Spain 6.15.1

Manage your BBVA bank account from its Android app

Alipay English

Chinese PayPal for Android

Sberbank Mobile 7.10.2 English

Android application for Sberbank

Capital One Mobile 5.28.4 English

The app to manage your Capital One Bank accounts

BitPay - Bitcoin 4.6.2 English

Manage your bitcoin wallet

PayPal 7.5.0 English
PayPal 7.5.0

The safest and most popular online payment method

Venmo 7.23.1 English
Venmo 7.23.1

Send and receive money with PayPal's service

Yandex.Money 5.6.3 English

Pay online with this app

Chase Mobile 3.60 English

Control your accounts with JP Morgan's app

CaixaBank 5.12.0 English
CaixaBank 5.12.0

The official Android app of the former La Caixa

Banco Sabadell 18.6.1 English

Virtual banking app for Sabadell customers

My Budget Book 7.6 English

Efficient app to manage your finances

Coinbase 5.14.1 English
Coinbase 5.14.1

Receive information and operate with the currency of the future

Halifax 36.05 English
Halifax 36.05

The mobile app of the important British bank

MyJio 5.0.11 English
MyJio 5.0.11

App for customers of Jio

Goin 2.14.1 English
Goin 2.14.1

Save money and easily invest your profits

CashPirate  3.2 English

Earn money and win gift cards

Santander 4.0.2 English
Santander 4.0.2

The official app of the Santander bank

Trading 212 4.5.11 English
Trading 212 4.5.11

The app to invest in the stock market

CaixaBank Sign 1.8.0 English

CaixaBank's new platform to sign operations

Vodafone Net Perform 2.5 English

Manage and control your data consumption

IRS2Go 5.4.3 English
IRS2Go 5.4.3

The app to keep up with your taxes in the United States

Google One Today English
Google One Today

Cooperate with social causes from your mobile

Robinhood 3.06.1 English
Robinhood 3.06.1

Purchase and sell shares without commissions

My Vodafone 6.12 English

Android app for the customer area of Vodafone

Credit Karma 5.27.1 English
Credit Karma 5.27.1

Keep the accounts of what you owe

iMax Balance 1.4 English

All your financial accounts in the same place

CoPay - Bitcoin 4.6.1 English

Manage all your bitcoins