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Evernote is a great task manager and notepad for Android that saves ideas and reminders in several formats and synchronizes them with other devices

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We can turn our Android device into an efficient notepad. A pad that really can be made up of several different notepads and several different notes. We can write down anything or any idea that we need to remember, task lists or even associate photos and files that we can later view on other devices. And all the latter, thanks to Evernote, an application that's much more than a personal organizer.

The application with which you're never going to forget anything.

Despite comparing it to a notepad, its functions go further beyond this concept. We're talking about creating notes that can be synchronized on different devices (we can save them on our Android and open them on the web, Windows, iPhone or Mac). It's definitely one of the best tools to improve our productivity.

A task manager conceived to organize your daily life

This idea is based on several mainstays: organization, contents synchronization to have them always accessible from anywhere and brainstorming. All the latter, to integrate it into our daily life as much as possible, whether at work, school or home.

From writing down an idea to making a shopping list, as well as storing resources for an academic or professional project.

Among the main features of this application, we have to point out the following:

  • Create checklists.
  • Establish reminders.
  • Task lists.
  • Create collaborative notes with other users.
  • Search through all your data.
  • Associate images and file to a note.
  • Give your notes a format.
  • Store voice reminders.

How to create a note?

If we start off from scratch, we'll have to follow a simple process:

  1. Step 1: create a notepad and give it a name. Then create a note associated with this notepad (we can associate different notes to a single notepad).
  2. Step 2: write down whatever you want and give the text the desired: font type, size, color...
  3. Step 3: add checklists (ideal for task lists), numbered lists or plenty of other fields.
  4. Step 4: attach a link, a file or a Google Drive hyperlink.

And where are the notes saved? Well, the basic version divides the content created into two: one the one hand, it stores the name of the notepads and notes on the device, but on the other, the contents are stored on the cloud, so you're going to need an Internet connection to access them; paid versions do allow us to access them offline.

Three subscription plans

Although we can access a free basic plan, we can contract two kinds of subscriptions: Plus and Premium/Business. Here's what can do with each one of them:

  • Basic: it offers the application's basic features and 60MB per month.
  • Plus: 1GB per month, unlimited devices, access to notes and notepads offline, and storage of emails.
  • Premium & Business: 10GB per month, unlimited devices, access to notes and notepads offline, storage of emails, search for information inside Office documents, PDF notes, scanning and digitization of business cards, and view notes as presentations.

Now that you know, if you want to keep your life in order and improve your productivity in different areas, download this APK to your Android smartphone and let it become your improved notepad and personal organizer.

What's new in the latest version

  • Shared notebook searches are back and different bugs have been fixed.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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