The best apps to write and take notes on Android

With these apps to write and takes notes and create lists, you will manage to remember all your important ideas and pending tasks. Organize your notes, create reminders, attach documents and sync the notepads with several devices to be able to access them whenever you want. Download the best apps on this list so you never forget anything again

Google Keep English
Google Keep

Google's notes application

Jamboard 2023.03.05.516276590 English
Jamboard 2023.03.05.516276590

The Google collaborative whiteboard

Evernote 10.48 English
Evernote 10.48

Organize your ideas and notes

DroidEdit 1.23.6 English
DroidEdit 1.23.6

Code editor for Android

Samsung Notes English
Samsung Notes

Samsung's notes application

PyDroid 4.01 English
PyDroid 4.01

Write Python code on your smartphone

JSON & XML Tool 0.19.3 English

Create and edit programming files

SomNote 2.4.8 English
SomNote 2.4.8

A very cute notes app

AIDE 3.2.210316 English
AIDE 3.2.210316

Learn how to code on your Android

Otter 2.1.68-3424 English
Otter 2.1.68-3424

App for taking voice notes

DroidScript 2.06 English

Use your Android to write code

Nimbus Note English
Nimbus Note

A useful and interesting notebook for your Android

hovernote 3.1 English

Floating notes for the screen of your Android

Miro 3.13.0 English
Miro 3.13.0

A digital whiteboard for remote teamwork

iNote 2.6.3 English
iNote 2.6.3

A copy of Apple's Notes app

Bring! 4.5.0 English
Bring! 4.5.0

Your Pocket Shopping Planner

Squid English

Take hand-written notes

ColorNote 4.3.9 English
ColorNote 4.3.9

Improve the organization of your notes

anWriter English

A simple and complete HTML editor

QuickEdit 1.8.5 English
QuickEdit 1.8.5

Easy-to-use app for editing code

FiiWrite English

Paint, draw, or write by hand on your Android

INKredible 2.6.4 English
INKredible 2.6.4

Take handwritten notes

Diigo 5.0.7 English
Diigo 5.0.7

Take all sorts of notes, organize them and access them when and wherever you want

NoteToDo 2.1.584-120 English
NoteToDo 2.1.584-120

To-do lists and quick notes for your Android

Whiteboard 4.5 English

Digital whiteboard to draw and share your art

Explain Everything 6.5.7 English

Interactive whiteboard for remote collaboration

Microsoft Whiteboard 1.301.0.22021708 English
Microsoft Whiteboard 1.301.0.22021708

An online whiteboard for team building and collaboration

SoftList 2.5.0 English
SoftList 2.5.0

The most elegant and comfortable shopping list

Listonic 6.38.2 English
Listonic 6.38.2

Shared Shopping Lists

Buy Me a Pie! 3.5.28 English

Save time and don't forget anything when making your shopping list

Inkpad Notepad 5.1.8 English

Virtual notepad to write down your things

Swiftnotes 3.1.4 (11) English
Swiftnotes 3.1.4 (11)

An application to take notes on Android

Notepad 2.0.17280 English
Notepad 2.0.17280

The Notepad for Android

CamCard English

A business card manager

Catch Notes 5.2.11 English
Catch Notes 5.2.11

Fantastic multimedia notepad

Floating Stickies 2.1 English

Add Post-its to the screen of your Android

Recelery 1.4.3 English
Recelery 1.4.3

Organize your pantry

HNGRY 01.024.02 English
HNGRY 01.024.02

The app that helps you make smart and sustainable purchases

ClevNote 2.22.14 English
ClevNote 2.22.14

Quick notes app for Android

LiveBoard 4.34.0 English
LiveBoard 4.34.0

Online whiteboard for educational use

Voice Notebook 1.9.7 English

App for transcribing audio and taking text notes

Padlet 175.0 English
Padlet 175.0

Remember notes and share concepts visually

That Shopping List 12.15.12 English

The app to organize yourself when shopping

Our Groceries 3.8.6 English

Smart Shopping Lists for Smartphones

ruff 2020.09.16 English
ruff 2020.09.16

Take note of all your thoughts and ideas

Simplenote 2.18 English

Take notes the easy way