Applications for Notes and Lists on Android

With these apps for lists and notes you'll remember any important idea or pending task. Download whichever one you need and don't ever forget anything again

Evernote 9.2.5 English
Evernote 9.2.5

One of the best apps to improve your productivity

Samsung Notes English
Samsung Notes

Samsung's notes application

Google Keep English
Google Keep

The notes application by Google

Parchi 1.4.6518.4480 English
Parchi 1.4.6518.4480

Take notes on your Android

ColorNote 4.0.5 English
ColorNote 4.0.5

Improve the organization of your notes

Catch 5.2.11 English
Catch 5.2.11

Fantastic multimedia notepad

Floating Stickies 2.0 English

Add sticky notes to the screen of your Android

Simplenote 1.6.0 English
Simplenote 1.6.0

Take notes in a simple manner

Diigo 4.1.9 English
Diigo 4.1.9

Take all sorts of notes, organize them and access them when and wherever you want

Narrate 2.4.0 English
Narrate 2.4.0

The app to keep your personal diary

Squid English

Take hand-written notes

Turtl 0.7.0 English
Turtl 0.7.0

More privacy for your notes, lists and reminders

CamCard English

A business card manager

Omni Notes 5.5.2 English
Omni Notes 5.5.2

Simple notepad for Android