Cryptocurrency apps for Android

Bitcoins? Ethereum? Whether you use these cryptocurrencies or others, you can get hold of the best Android apps to manage your funds, from cryptocurrency wallets to apps to follow their value

Pi Network 1.37.0 English
Pi Network 1.37.0

The first digital currency you can withdraw on your phone

Trust 8.14 English
Trust 8.14

Cryptocurrency portfolio

Bitcoin Wallet 10.14 English

A Bitcoin virtual wallet to store your BTC on Android

BitMart 3.1.7 English
BitMart 3.1.7

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly

Plus500 15.15.0 English
Plus500 15.15.0

Trade with your financial assets

MinerGate 2.5.1 English
MinerGate 2.5.1

Manage your cryptocurrency mining operations

BitPay - Bitcoin 14.19.4 English

Manage your bitcoin portfolio

Bee Network 1.25.1 English
Bee Network 1.25.1

App for mining the Bee cryptocurrency

Ripio 6.1.4 English
Ripio 6.1.4

Your cryptocurrency wallet

World App 2.7.5302 English
World App 2.7.5302

Scan your eyes' irises to earn cryptocurrencies

OKX 6.54.0 English
OKX 6.54.0

Exchange and wallet to invest in cryptocurrencies

Phantom 24.8.0 English
Phantom 24.8.0

Send, buy, and exchange tokens

Kraken 2.17.0 English
Kraken 2.17.0

Platform for buying and selling crypto

Multimine 1.03 English
Multimine 1.03

Mine cryptocurrencies with your Android

MEXC 4.6.2 English
MEXC 4.6.2

Official application of one of the world's leading exchanges for digital asset

Atomic Wallet 1.26.4 English

Manage your cryptocurrency portfolio from your smartphone

CoPay - Bitcoin 5.3.1 English

Manage all your bitcoins

QuBit Network 0.1.3 English

Mobile crypto mining with no worries

Bondex Origin 5.6.7 English

Employment website with integrated cryptocurrency mining service

KuCoin 3.55.0 English
KuCoin 3.55.0

Buy and manage cryptocurrencies

Vibrant 55.0 English
Vibrant 55.0

A Stellar wallet for turning crypto into cash and vice versa

Cryptomania 3.3.26 English
Cryptomania 3.3.26

Learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies

Gemini 22.503.0 English
Gemini 22.503.0

Coin wallet to manage and buy cryptocurrencies

Ice: Decentralized Future 1.18.0 English

App for mining Ice crypto

Blockchain 202402.1.0 English
Blockchain 202402.1.0

The most advanced and secure Bitcoin wallet

Free Litecoin 1.0.17 English

Get crypto coins for free

TTcoin Network 7.3 English

Mine cryptocurrencies on your smartphone

SparkHub 1.22.1 English
SparkHub 1.22.1

Mine cryptocurrencies on a smartphone

OreTRX 1.0.1 English
OreTRX 1.0.1

Mine TRON with your Android

Coinomi Wallet 1.26.0 English

The digital wallet for your cryptocurrencies

Quicrypto 3.83.0 English
Quicrypto 3.83.0

Earn bitcoins by completing simple tasks

Tonkeeper 4.5.2 English
Tonkeeper 4.5.2

Secure Cryptocurrency Transactions

GoArbit 3.0.1 English
GoArbit 3.0.1

A fintech for investing in cryptocurrency

MOTRX 1.0.6 English
MOTRX 1.0.6

Mine TRX crypto with your mobile

GenesisTRX 1.0.6 English
GenesisTRX 1.0.6

Cryptocurrency mining service in the cloud

CoinSwitch 6.3.2 English
CoinSwitch 6.3.2

Cryptocurrency trading platform

Remitano 6.35.0 English
Remitano 6.35.0

Buy, sell, and mine crypto

Nexo 4.4.1 English
Nexo 4.4.1

A bank account for your crypto currency

Socrates 2.4.6 English
Socrates 2.4.6

Social app with SocialFi and GameFi features 2.64.2 English 2.64.2

Influence your sports teams' decisions

WhaleFin 2.14.5 English
WhaleFin 2.14.5

Financial platform that specializes in crypto

Legion Network 3150033 English

Manage your crypto wallet and learn about NFTs

Cloud Earning 2.2.6 English

Earn cryptocurrencies with your mobile

CoinDCX 2.4.007 English
CoinDCX 2.4.007

Invest in crypto from your phone

SafeMoon V2.15 English
SafeMoon V2.15

Sleek crypto wallet for mobiles

Mycelium English

A secure and private platform to manage your cryptocurrencies

BRD Bitcoin Wallet 4.15.0 English

A user-friendly and reliable wallet for your cryptocurrencies

Crypto News 6.0.8 English

Everything you need to know about investing in cryptocurrencies

f2pool 2.3.3 English
f2pool 2.3.3

Mine cryptocurrencies with your smartphone

StormX 8.14.2 English
StormX 8.14.2

Make money on your phone

Givvy Coin Collector 4.2 English

Mine cryptocurrencies in AFK mode