Today, the company in charge of the development of Daemon Tools does not offer any version of the famous tool in portable mode. There are 3 versions on its website: Lite, Ultra, and Pro, but they do not mention a portable version for us to take it wherever we want in our USB.

If we find portable versions of this program, we will have to be suspicious about it because it is not an official version and we do not know for sure where it has been created and what it may contain. Nowadays, it is easy to introduce malware in any file If we want a portable program, we will have to look for alternatives to this software that do offer this possibility.

In previous versions it was possible, by using small tricks, running Daemon Tools in portable mode. Unfortunately, for Windows 10, this is no longer possible so we will have to look for alternative tools to be able to mount ISO images. One of them is, WinCDEmu, that although it lets us carry it in a USB to have it on any PC, it is more limited in functions and less popular than Daemon Tools.

As for software to mount ISO images that are portable, Daemon Tools is not your tool, but there are others in Malavida as we mentioned above. However, this tool is totally free and has different useful functionalities. Daemon Tools is the most popular tool for mounting ISO images.