To keep things short, Daemon Tools is a software that creates virtual CD and DVD drives inside the hard disk, so that our PC can emulate these drives as physical CDs or DVDs. This explanation is simple, but in fact, it has a great variety of tools for the emulation of CDs and DVDs, each one more useful than the other, which makes it a very complete software for our computer.

We can describe Daemon Tools as a great variety of utilities and tools included in the software that allows us to perform any function regarding disk virtualization. Below, we detail its functions:

  • Ability to create virtual drives and mount disk images in different image formats, such as ISO, MDS, CUE, and more. In this way, we can emulate a physical CD or DVD on our hard drive.
  • Possibility to create up to 4 virtual images at the same time in case you have several image files on your computer.
  • Ability to create our own images, something very useful, for example, to back up our files or to be able to share information with others. Also, we can create images from a physical CD or DVD drives.
  • Image organizer, where we can gather all those disk images that are in our computer to be able to order them.
  • Burn discs, even though most of the new PCs do not have an optical reader, there is still the need to burn CDs or DVDs for those who are older, so Disc Soft has not forgotten about them.
  • Create VHD files, TrueCrypt containers, or RAM disks, useful options if we want to have a separate computer within Windows.
  • Create a bootable USB, to be able to convert USB drives into self-running software. This option is available for 3 days for free.
  • Catch! an option that lets us access shared Windows folders and our mobile devices, whether Android or iOS, wirelessly. This option is also available free of charge for 3 days.

This compendium of tools started as just another disk emulation program, but little by little, and after 15 years, it has become a Swiss Army Knife with the disk emulation feature as its main function. In short, this is your emulation tool for those computers where physical readers are not available.