Some Android devices have protection called "Factory Reset Protection" (FRP). This provides extra protection when performing a factory reset, which can be a great help or also become a big problem. With this security protocol, it will be necessary when performing a reset on your device, to enter the email account and password you set up your Android with the first time you turned it on.

This functionality is not activated on all smartphones, since its first appearance took place with the release of Android Lollipop, a version of the popular operating system released in 2014. In other words, the FRP protocol is likely active on your phone if you have a version 5.1 or higher.

What is FRP Bypass

FRP Bypass is an application developed with the sole purpose of overcoming the FRP protection of Android devices, so it will offer you a quick and easy alternative to disable it and be able to use any mobile with this operating system without problems.

What is FRP Bypass used for

You can imagine that there will be great complications if, when performing a factory reset, you do not have the email account and password that were used the first time. In fact, on newer devices, you may also be asked for a security pattern, PIN, or fingerprint, making it impossible for you to access the device if you do not have the necessary information.

Therefore, if you have found a smartphone and are unable to locate its owner, have forgotten any of the security data mentioned above, or if you wish to sell your phone, it will be imperative that you find a way to overcome this security protocol. It is precisely in this part of the process that FRP Bypass shows its great usefulness, allowing you to bypass the FRP protection, and as explained above, giving you the freedom to use the mobile device without any problem.