From the cold streets of Liberty City that you saw in GTA III, we move on to the heat and luxury of Vice City, a version of Miami created by Rockstar in its legendary sixth installment of the GTA saga. In GTA Vice City, we travel to 1986. The protagonist, Tommy Vercetti, will experience all kinds of adventures that will remind you of previous GTA games and movies of the genre that are honored through easter eggs in the scenarios and some of the game's missions.

And as in previous Grand Theft Auto games, you can beat them in the traditional way or help yourself with cheat codes that give you weapons, vehicles, more money, improve your health, or add some madness to the game. You choose which cheats to enter in GTA Vice City and how to tackle the missions you will find on the huge Vice City map.

You can find three versions of GTA Vice City for Android on the app stores (although there are actually two). The first is the original GTA Vice City. If you want to use cheat codes in this version, you will need an external or virtual keyboard. On the other hand, if you have GTA Vice City Definitive Edition installed on your smartphone, either the standalone version or the one "given" by Netflix, you can enter cheats from the in-game menu or use an external or virtual keyboard.

How to enter cheat codes for GTA Vice City on Android with a Bluetooth keyboard

As modern phones do not have a physical keyboard, you will need an external keyboard to enter the cheat codes that activate secret features in GTA Vice City. There are many affordable Bluetooth keyboards available on the market. Some are specifically designed for smartphones, while others are generic and can be used with computers, smartphones, and even TVs.

Connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to AndroidConnecting a Bluetooth keyboard to Android

To pair a Bluetooth keyboard with your Android phone:

  1. Turn on the keyboard.
  2. Go to the Settings section of your Android phone.
  3. Navigate to the Bluetooth or Connected devices section. This may vary depending on the model and version of Android.
  4. Tap on Pair new device or Search for new Bluetooth device.
  5. You will see a list of nearby Bluetooth devices.
  6. Select the Bluetooth keyboard from the devices list.
  7. If everything goes well, it will appear in the list of Connected devices.
  8. Check that it works by pressing the movement keys.

As you can see, pairing an external keyboard with an Android device is very easy. The process is identical to pairing speakers, headphones, or other accessories. You can even pair an Xbox or PlayStation game controller. If you don't like the touch controls of GTA Vice City, using a keyboard or game controller can be a more comfortable option, both for entering cheat codes and playing.

How to enter cheat codes for GTA Vice City on Android with a virtual keyboard

The previous option is the simplest, but if you don't have a keyboard and don't want to spend money on one, an alternative to enter cheat codes for GTA Vice City is to install a virtual keyboard app. Regular virtual keyboards won't work because they don't activate while you're playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Instead, you must download special gaming keyboards. Some incorporate a selection of cheat codes to enter directly into the game you are playing.

iGame Keyboard is a virtual keyboard app for gamersiGame Keyboard is a virtual keyboard app for gamers

The best app for entering cheat codes for GTA Vice City is iGame. It offers several methods to integrate with the Android OS to activate the keyboard during gameplay. It even has a section that showcases cheat codes for GTA installments such as San Andreas, GTA III, or Vice City, among others. In other words, you can easily unlock the secrets shown below with this app.

How to enter cheat codes for GTA Vice City on Android from within the game

If you are going to play Grand Theft Auto Vice City in its Definitive Edition, you're in luck. Both the standalone version and the one Netflix offers to its subscribers include the option to enter cheat codes through the in-game menu. Once you have started the game, all you need to do is open the map and go to the options of GTA Vice City.

Entering the cheats in GTA Vice CityEntering the cheats in GTA Vice City

The steps to enter cheats in GTA Vice City are:

  1. During the game, tap on the map.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Go to Accessibility.
  4. Tap on Enter cheat code.
  5. Enter the cheat code you want to activate in GTA Vice City.
  6. If the code is correct, you will see a message saying which cheat you activated.

The best cheat codes for GTA Vice City on Android

Cheat codes for GTA or Grand Theft Auto are a classic feature of this open-world action game series. You are not obligated to use them, but if you activate them, you can enjoy more weapons, a character with maximum health or money, and the best cars you can imagine. In addition, there are cheats to make it always day or night, to make it rain, or to make pedestrians behave in new and unusual ways. Let's see a selection of the best cheat codes for GTA Vice City.

New clothes in GTA Vice CityNew clothes in GTA Vice City

Health Cheats for GTA Vice City

  • Health to the max: ASPIRINE
  • Suicide or instant death: ICANTTAKEITANYMORE

Weapon cheats for GTA Vice City

  • Heavy weapons pack: NUTTERTOOLS
  • Light weapons pack: THUGSTOOLS
  • Assorted weapons pack: PROFESSIONALTOOLS

Vehicle cheats for GTA Vice City

  • Perfect driving: GRIPISEVERYTHING
  • Cars can fly: COMEFLYWITHME
  • Cars float above the water: SEAWAYS
  • All cars explode: BIGBANG
  • Traffic increases: MIAMITRAFFIC
  • All cars are black: IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK
  • All cars are pink: AHAIRDRESSERSCAR
  • All traffic lights will be green for you: GREENLIGHT
  • Invisible cars: WHEELSAREALLINEED
  • Ships can fly: AIRSHIP
  • Huge wheels for vehicles: LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS
  • Combat tank (Rhino): PANZER
  • Golf cart (Caddy): BETTERTHANWALKING
  • Hotring Racer (racing car): GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED
  • Hearse (Romeo): THELASTRIDE
  • Sabre Turbo (sports car): GETTHEREFAST
  • Garbage truck: RUBBISHCAR
  • Bloodring Banger: TRAVELINSTYLE
  • Bloodring Racer: GETTHEREQUICKLY
  • Airplane: FLYINGWAYS
New car in GTA Vice CityNew car in GTA Vice City

Weather cheats for GTA Vice City

  • Rainy and stormy: CATSANDDOGS
  • Sunny day: ALOVELYDAY
  • Slightly cloudy: APLEASANTDAY
  • Very cloudy: ABITDRIEG
  • Very foggy: CANTSEEATHING
  • Resize the moon: Shoot the moon with the sniper rifle.

Pedestrian Cheats for GTA Vice City

  • Chaos mode. Pedestrians become aggressive: FIGHTFIGHTFIGHTFIGHT
  • Pedestrians attack you: NOBODYLIKESME
  • Women carry guns: CHICKSWITHGUNS
  • Women chase you and attack your enemies: FANNYMAGNET
  • Women take a ride in the vehicle you drive: HOPINGIRL

Tricks to change character in GTA Vice City

  • Change Tommy's clothes and appearance: STILLLIKEDRESSINGUP
  • Tommy gets fatter: DEEPFRIEDMARSBARS
  • Tommy gets slim (skinny arms and legs): PROGRAMMER
  • Tommy starts smoking: CERTAINDEATH
  • Play as Hilary King: LOOKLIKEHILARY
  • Play as Lance Vance: LOOKLIKELANCE
  • Play as Ken Rosenberg: MYSONISALAWYER
  • Play as Jezz Torrent, Love Fist's lead singer: ROCKANDROLLMAN
  • Play as Dick, Love Fist's bass player: WELOVEOURDICK
  • Play as Candy Suxxx: IWANTBIGTITS
  • Play as Mercedes: FOXYLITTLETHING
  • Play as Phil Cassidy: ONEARMEDBANDIT

Other cheats for GTA Vice City

  • Lower your wanted level: LEAVEMEALONE
  • Raise your wanted level by two stars: YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE
  • Appear in the news (Requires more than four stars): CHASESTAT
  • Time is faster: LIFEISPASSINGMEBY
  • Fast camera: ONSPEED
  • Slow motion: BOOOOOORING