To play Fortnite you must keep in mind several concepts:

  • Save the World mode is cooperative and you play against the environment.
  • Battle Royale mode is competitive and you play against other players, with the goal of being the last one standing.
  • In both modes you can get resources to build structures to defend against your enemies.

Once you know this, you should keep in mind that, whichever mode you choose, you will land by parachute on an island:

Descending to the islandDescending to the island

Once you have reached the island, you will have to start accumulating resources. You will need them to build structures. These resources appear at the bottom right of the screen:

Getting resourcesGetting resources

During the game, you will see that the storm circles are created and become narrower. If you press the M key, you can see your position on the map and see how close or far you are from a safe zone:

Map of safe areasMap of safe areas

If you are in a safe zone (in our case we are), it's not a bad idea to collect resources to try to build structures where you can take shelter (it's never a bad idea):

Extracting resources in a safe areaExtracting resources in a safe area

You can enter any building you see on the map. Inside you'll be able to set up a temporary defensive position, pick at walls, doors and such to get resources and even find weapons:

Ammo and weapons inside a buildingAmmo and weapons inside a building

With this clear, you can now go outside and look for the rest of the players to try to be the last survivor. This is what it looks like when you successfully eliminate one:

Player we have killedPlayer we have killed

And here's what happens when you get eliminated:

Removing the player’s characterRemoving the player’s character

Being the last survivor is complicated, very complicated. From the moment you set foot on the island, you're going to be threatened by all your opponents. Otherwise, it plays identically to other similar action games.