Fortnite is a third-person shooter and survival game, simply put. The game began its journey as a survival title, in which we faced hordes of monsters generated by the game itself. It later evolved to include the battle royale mode that we all know, where we face 99 other players to see who is the last one standing at the end of the game.

A battle royale works, in essence, with the rules of the famous movie starring Takeshi Kitano (the famous Battle Royale, 2000): players are deployed on an island, where they must collect resources and weapons to face the other members of the game. Then, a series of rings will appear on the map and will close, changing the size of the safe zones and grouping the players in a central ring.

At the beginning of the game, in fact, you may not find too many players. We assure you that, as the game progresses, you will have real trouble finding a hole to hide in. You can always build your own cover, but keep in mind that other players can (and will) use your same tools to avoid it.

Fortnite currently has three game modes:

  • Save the World is the cooperative mode that pits players against the machine. The program controls a species of zombies known as husks, who are what's left of humanity once most of it is gone. Gathering resources, crafting materials and using weapons are paramount to survival:
  • Battle Royale is the most famous game mode, as we have already discussed. The mechanics are all too familiar: wipe out the other players until you are the last one standing:
  • Fortnite Creative is a mode that allows players to create anything that crosses their minds. You can even play unofficial games, such as some racing or platforming games:

Fortnite does not want to stay here, but aspires to be much more in the future given its convening power. We'll see if all this ambition manages to translate into something or if, unfortunately, it all remains just plans.