In light of the success of players like Ninja, it's obvious that many users at home are going to try to emulate what he does. But is there a secret recipe to get some extra edge over the rest of the players? There could be, it could even be changing the control settings.

Every professional gamer is used to a customized configuration that suits his style, but you can take these recommendations as general guidelines that it doesn't hurt to follow in order to have certain actions more at hand:

  • Some gamer mouse feature side buttons in greater or lesser numbers. On these side buttons you can assign actions to build a wall, or a ladder.
  • Set the I or C key as access to the inventory.
  • Assign the Z and X keys to scroll through the inventory comfortably with the thumb.
  • Distribute the weapons between the 1 and 4 keys to cycle faster between them.

It is worth noting that these settings do not, by any means, ensure that we will achieve victory during a game. Likewise, if you're used to Fortnite's default settings and change them to the one we suggest here, you're going to have to go through some adjustment time until your muscle memory gets used to the new controls.

Anyway, Fortnite, on any of the platforms for which it is available, allows great flexibility to the user to change the controls whenever he deems it necessary. Therefore, despite these recommendations we give you, we encourage you to try your own combinations of buttons and see for yourself what is the one that best suits your needs.