If you are using Tinder, you may have heard about Top Picks. You may have seen them scrolling through your App and have become curious about them. How can I get into that category? Let's find out.

What is Tinder Top Picks

Top Picks is a new feature implemented by Tinder, consisting of profiles highlighted for you and that have a higher probability of Matching with you. Of course, this recommendation is made by Tinder's algorithm, and we can only trust the work done by its developers. Note that users who do not belong to paid subscriptions will only have one Top Picks per day. Meanwhile, those with Gold or Platinum memberships will have several selections per day.

How to watch Top Picks on Tinder

To access the Top Picks, you must go to the bottom menu section with a star, as shown in the following image.

Click on the star-shaped buttonClick on the star-shaped button

In this tab, you must select the Top Picks option that appears above, and then, you will be able to see the selection that Tinder has made for you.

Go to the Top Picks sectionGo to the Top Picks section

In addition, you can pay for Tinder to offer you a larger selection of Top Picks, meaning that in theory, this increases your chances of contacting new people.

How to know if I am a candidate or Top Pick on Tinder

There is no way to know if you are a Top Pick on Tinder. The App will not send you any notifications related to this, although you can always ask the people you have Matched with if they have encountered you with this functionality. You may also feel your visibility in other people's Tops Picks if you start receiving more Likes or Super Likes than usual. Although it is not a reliable mechanism since the picks are customized for each user and nothing guarantees that you are consistently appearing in profiles that you might fit in with.

We hope this article has cleared up some of your doubts and that you can continue using Tinder to your heart's content.