On Tinder, the search for love is like a card game where you never know which hand you will get. But what if there was a way to stand out from the crowd, to do more than a simple "like"?

That is where Tinder's Super Like comes in, a feature capable of turning a casual swipe into a virtual crush. A flash of color that says, "Hey, you! I like you... and very much!". Keep reading this guide to know what it is and how it works!

What is a Tinder Super Like and what is it for

A Super Like is a special feature that lets you tell someone you like them much more than the others, in a way that cannot be ignored. When you Super Like someone, that person receives a special notification that shows how interested you are.

However, the other person will not know who it was unless they have a Tinder Gold or Platinum subscription or manually search through the stack of profiles until they find a blue star.

Now, what is this option for? A Super Like considerably increases your chances of getting a match. According to Tinder, it triples your odds. In addition, it can help you start a more interesting conversation, since the person will know that they have really caught your attention.

Differences between a Like and a Super Like on Tinder

A "Like" on Tinder is one-sided and simple: swipe to the right if you like someone and to the left if you are not interested. It is like discreetly supporting a social media post or giving a "like" to a photo. Although it has limits, it is not as exclusive as a Super Like.

Using a Super Like is like raising your hand in the middle of a crowd, saying "Hey, I'm here! And yes, I am very interested in you!". However, the difference is that with a free Tinder account, you can give several likes in a day; there are limits, but you can use them daily.

On the other hand, to give Super Likes, you must pay a subscription to receive 5 free Super Likes every week. You also have the option to purchase additional Super Likes if you wish.

How to Super Like someone on Tinder

Now that you know what a Super Like on Tinder is and how it works, we will show you how to use it:

  1. Log in to Tinder from your smartphone.
  2. Find a profile that catches your attention and that really interests you.
  3. When you find the ideal profile, swipe up instead of swiping to the right. Or, if you prefer, tap the blue star icon.
  4. That's it! This will send a Super Like to that person.
How to do a Super Like in TinderHow to do a Super Like in Tinder

How much does it cost to buy Super Likes on Tinder

Costs vary depending on the region and subscription tier you have. Generally, you can expect to pay around this much:

Special packages

  • 3 Super Likes: $3.56 each.
  • 15 Super Likes: $2.77 each.
  • 30 Super Likes: $2.12 each.

Subscriptions (including 5 Super Likes each week)

Tinder Gold

  • Monthly: $27.75
  • Semiannual: $13.34
  • Annual: $9.33

Tinder Platinum

  • Month: $33.09
  • Semiannual: $16.01
  • Annual: $11.12