Friday Night Funkin' is a videogame that invites you to an extreme musical challenge, where Boyfriend, our protagonist, must conquer his beloved Girlfriend through rap battles.

But on this journey, you will not be alone, you will find a variety of characters with interesting stories in each stage to make the game feel more alive. If you want to know all the characters on Friday Night Funkin' and their stories, keep reading this article.

What are the names of the FNF characters and what are their stories

Boyfriend and Girlfriend, the main characters, drive the game's plot. This is a young couple that only wants to spend time together despite the adversities they face.

However, their love is obstructed by the presence of Daddy Dearest, Girlfriend's father, who doesn't like his daughter's relationship with Boyfriend. His protective attitude and eagerness to keep his daughter out of trouble add an interesting layer to the plot.

Then we have Mommy Mearest, Girlfriend's mother, who has a more relaxed personality but is also concerned about her daughter's relationship. She wants the best for both of them but is sometimes caught between wanting to support her daughter and maintaining family peace.

And, of course, we cannot forget about the game's villains. This is where Skid and Pump come in, two characters who add a touch of chaos and difficulty to the story. They are the typical bad guys who stand in the way of Boyfriend and Girlfriend, adding excitement and tension to every battle.

In addition, other characters appear that further enrich the Friday Night Funkin' universe. For example, Monster, a mysterious being that challenges Boyfriend in a battle in the dark of night.

Pico, on the other hand, is a character with a darker history. He is a teenager armed to the teeth who crosses the path of Boyfriend and Girlfriend, leading them into a confrontation full of action and danger. But these are only some examples, as there are far more characters.

Who are the protagonists of Friday Night Funkin'

If you have played the game since the first week, you should know that this game has two main protagonists: the loving couple, Boyfriend and Girlfriend.


Boyfriend is the main rapper in FNFBoyfriend is the main rapper in FNF

The protagonist of this story. Boyfriend is a brave and determined young man willing to face any challenge to win the approval and heart of his beloved Girlfriend.

Despite not being very talkative, he demonstrates his love through his rapping skills and his determination to overcome obstacles. His biggest hobby is rapping and he loves donuts and pepperoni pizzas.

His clothing is very eye-catching, as it combines vibrant colors and an urban style that makes him stand out in any scenario. You will always see him sporting his trademark backward cap and sneakers.

  • Age: 19 years old.
  • Species: Human.


Girlfriend is the main supporting character in FNFGirlfriend is the main supporting character in FNF

Boyfriend's girlfriend and his muse in this adventure. Although she hardly talks in the game, her support is fundamental in motivating Boyfriend in his quest. She is a cheerful and optimistic girl who is always ready to face any challenge with her lover.

Girlfriend usually wears a red dress that reflects her youthful and cheerful style. In addition, you can see her wearing skirts and heels, highlighting her femininity with every step. Her attractive red mane is a distinctive feature that complements her natural charm.

At first glance, her appearance can be deceiving, as she looks like an ordinary young human girl, but in reality, her true identity is demonic. In addition, she shares a peculiar culinary preference with Boyfriend: they both like pizza; although she prefers them with olives.

  • Age: 19 years old.
  • Species: Human.

Who are the rivals or antagonists of Friday Night Funkin'

Boyfriend and Girlfriend aren't the only characters in this game, you will also find a series of rivals or antagonists that will test the couples' rap skills and love. These are some of the most outstanding ones:

Daddy Dearest

Daddy Dearest is the most demanding father in FNFDaddy Dearest is the most demanding father in FNF

The first rival Boyfriend faces is Girlfriend's father, Daddy Dearest. This enigmatic character is a famous rock singer who isn't very happy with the idea that his daughter is dating Boyfriend.

Although his imposing appearance may be intimidating, his heart is filled with concern for his daughter. Although he seems a bit harsh at times, deep down, he only wants what is best for her. He appears in Week 1 and loses the battle against the brave young man, and since then, he has sought revenge.

  • Age: Unknown.
  • Species: Demon.

Mommy Mearest

Mommy Mearest, Girlfriend’s mother in FNFMommy Mearest, Girlfriend’s mother in FNF

As Daddy Dearest's counterpart, Mommy Mearest is Girlfriend's overprotective mother. This mysterious female figure is a pop star, and in her desire to help Daddy Dearest, she takes on Boyfriend in Weeks 4 and 5. Of course, she fails both times.

  • Age: Unknown.
  • Species: Demon.

Skid y Pump

Skid and Pump, are two kids disguised in FNFSkid and Pump, are two kids disguised in FNF

These two colorful and eccentric characters are an inseparable duo who love chaos and fun. They appear in Week 2 as guests and form an unpredictable combination that will challenge Boyfriend in a rap duel. Despite their carefree attitude, they are quite talented and should not be underestimated.

  • Age: 8 years (Skid), 7 years (Pump).
  • Species: Humans.


Senpai is perfect guy in FNFSenpai is perfect guy in FNF

Senpai is the typical popular guy at school that all the girls look up to, including Girlfriend. He sports a more traditional and formal style, using his school uniform and featuring a somewhat reserved personality. But it turns out that he is trapped in a dating game by the evil Daddy Dearest.

When you beat him, he completely changes his personality, becoming completely vulgar. If you defeat him again, he dies, making way for Spirit, a ghost with a lot of history.

  • Age: 18 years old.
  • Species: Human, artificial intelligence.


Monster is a dingy monster in FNFMonster is a dingy monster in FNF

A terrifying monster that appears for the first time in Week 5. People think it is Daddy Dearest's pet and represents his darker side. Boyfriend must defeat it to prove his courage and love for Girlfriend.

Its appearance is very disturbing, it has a head that looks like a lemon and eyes and teeth that give you the creeps. What he wants most of all is to eat Girlfriend, how scary! And the worst thing is that it can make you see strange things just by being near it.

  • Age: Unknown.
  • Species: Unknown.


Pico is the ever-fighting exboyfriend in FNFPico is the ever-fighting exboyfriend in FNF

Girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, who is resentful of the breakup and willing to do anything to get her back. His hostile attitude and great rapping skills make him a formidable opponent. He appears as Boyfriend's opponent in Week 3 because Daddy Dearest hired him to beat up BF.

Rumors suggest that, despite his rugged appearance, Pico hides a more vulnerable side and a deep connection to his past. His decision to forgive Boyfriend shows an intriguing emotional complexity, adding a layer of mystery to his character.

In addition, his IQ of 127 suggests a brilliant mind behind his reckless facade, making him a fascinating enigma within the world of Friday Night Funkin'.

  • Age: 20 years old.
  • Species: Human.


Spirit is Senpai's vengeful soul in FNFSpirit is Senpai's vengeful soul in FNF

Spirit manifests in Week 6 as a pixelated, grotesque specter. It looks like a floating red face with a darker red aura. Its facial expression is hauntingly realistic and conveys deep suffering. This is a victim of Daddy Dearest, who seeks to possess a person's body and take revenge on Girlfriend's dad.

  • Age: Unknown.
  • Species: Spirit.


Tankman is the tank commander in FNFTankman is the tank commander in FNF

Tankman, a Newgrounds icon, arrives in Week 7 to challenge Boyfriend. Also known as Sergeant John Captain, this imposing soldier is a formidable opponent. Accompanied by two tanks, Tankman will do everything possible to eliminate the protagonist. During his participation, it was implied that Pico and Tankman had unresolved issues.

  • Age: About 30 years old.
  • Species: Human.

All Friday Night Funkin' supporting characters

As you play and advance through Friday Night Funkin', you will meet several side characters that add more flavor to the game than hot sauce on your tacos. And maybe that is why it is so exciting to play every week.


Henchmen are Mommy Mearest's dancers in FNFHenchmen are Mommy Mearest's dancers in FNF

Mommy Mearest's henchmen are always at her side with their intimidating dances. Although they are not the most talented, their unique style gives them a special place during Week 4.

  • Age: Unknown.
  • Species: Demons.

Santa Claus

Poor old Santa Claus in FNFPoor old Santa Claus in FNF

An unexpected character who appears in week 5 and gets involved in a Christmas-themed musical battle. His unfortunate fate has generated all kinds of theories among fans. Accident or murder? It is up to you!

  • Age: Presumably elderly.
  • Species: Human.


Darnell a character from Pico's School in FNFDarnell a character from Pico's School in FNF

Pico's old friend who appears in Week 5. He does not fight and instead enjoys the beats with his relaxed attitude. A Pico's School classic that always pleases the eye.

  • Age: Unknown, appears to be young.
  • Species: Human.


ZONE-tan is another dancing character in FNFZONE-tan is another dancing character in FNF

Created by ZONE-SAMA, this adorable Vocaloid joins the audience in Week 5. Her energetic animations and unwavering support for Boyfriend make her a fan favorite.

  • Age: Created in 2010.
  • Species: Vocaloid.

Jason, Chris y Stan (Nightmare Cops)

Jason, Chris and Stan are the armed cops in FNFJason, Chris and Stan are the armed cops in FNF

These three policemen form a peculiar surveillance team. Armed to the teeth, but with a great taste for music, you can't miss their fun moves to the rhythm of the songs.

  • Age: Unknown.
  • Species: Humans.

Fans in love with Senpai

The fans who love Senpai in FNFThe fans who love Senpai in FNF

Sighs and loving glances describe these girls featured in Week 6. Their devotion to Senpai is evident, although their attitude does not interfere with the battle between Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

  • Age: Unknown, they appear to be teenagers.
  • Species: Humans.


Tankmen are Tankman’s henchmen in FNFTankmen are Tankman’s henchmen in FNF

Tankman's soldiers add an epic touch to Week 7 with their military aesthetics and robotic movements. Although their final fate is not the best, their participation in the battle is memorable.

  • Age: Unknown.
  • Species: Robotic soldiers.

Steve y Private Skittles

Steve and Private Skittles are Tankman's companions in FNFSteve and Private Skittles are Tankman's companions in FNF

Two mysterious characters accompanying Tankman. Always on the prowl, with their weapons at the ready, their presence creates an atmosphere of constant tension.

  • Age: Unknown.
  • Species: Unknown, possibly robots.

Cameos in Week 5

Some of the Week 5 cameos in FNFSome of the Week 5 cameos in FNF

A host of popular characters join as spectators at the mall. From Internet icons like Hatsune Miku, Kenstar, and Meat Boy to characters from other games like Pico and Henry Stickmin, the variety of characters and pop culture references are incredible.

Some will bring a smile to your face, some will make you curious and some will make you think. What is certain is that they are all part of the experience that makes this game so special.

  • Age: Varied.
  • Species: Varied.

Other characters that have appeared on Friday Night Funkin'

But wait, there is more! The list of Friday Night Funkin' characters is endless, and each week is expanded with every update. Plus, mods and expansions further expand the game universe. Here are some of them:


Whitty is the human bonb in FNFWhitty is the human bonb in FNF

This guy is like a walking bomb, literally. With his quirky style and explosive attitude, Whitty has earned a place in the hearts of many Friday Night Funkin' fans. He is a bit unpredictable, but that certainly adds a touch of dynamism to any mod where he appears.

  • Age: 20 years old.
  • Species: Human bomb.


Hex is the athlete robot in FNFHex is the athlete robot in FNF

If you have ever wanted to play basketball with a robot, Hex is your guy. His screen changes expression faster than a snap of the fingers, and his skill on the court is almost as impressive as his ability to change moods.

  • Age: Unknown.
  • Species: Robot.

Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku is the virtual pop princess in FNFHatsune Miku is the virtual pop princess in FNF

The virtual pop princess has leaped into the world of FNF, and fans are thrilled. With her unique style and synthesized voice, Miku adds a touch of fun and color to the game. Would you dare to play with her?

  • Age: 16 years old.
  • Species: Human or android.


Tricky is a deadly clown in FNFTricky is a deadly clown in FNF

Get ready for a scary show with Tricky the Clown. This clown is not messing around when faced with a musical duel. With his transformation to Hellclown, you will not want to cross his path.

  • Age: Unknown.
  • Species: Zombie/demonic creature/skeleton.


Monika is a cute but shady character in FNFMonika is a cute but shady character in FNF

Hailing from the Doki Doki Literature Club, Monika is much more than just a pretty face. Behind that friendly smile hides a dark secret, you do not want to underestimate her on the dance floor.

  • Age: 18 years old.
  • Species: Human/ artificial intelligence.


Garcello is the heavy smoker in FNFGarcello is the heavy smoker in FNF

Relax and let yourself be carried away by the smoke with Garcello. This guy seems to have everything under control, as his personality is very calm. The best thing about this character is that the color of the smoke changes according to the musical notes. Strange but interesting.

  • Age: 26 years old.
  • Species: Human.


Shaggy is a half-god in this FNF MODShaggy is a half-god in this FNF MOD

Did you think Shaggy was just a Scooby Snacks-loving hippie? Think again. In the world of Friday Night Funkin', Shaggy is a demigod who's not afraid to take on anyone on the dance floor.

  • Age: 17 years old.
  • Species: Demigod (in the mod).


Kapi is an antropomorphic cat in FNFKapi is an antropomorphic cat in FNF

This anthropomorphic cat may not sing, but he definitely knows how to move! With his DDR-inspired moves and love for donuts, Kapi adds a touch of fun to the game. It is said that he knows his opponent.

  • Age: 19 years old.
  • Species: Cat.


Sarvente is an atypical priestess in FNFSarvente is an atypical priestess in FNF

Don't be fooled by her nun's habit, Sarvente has a few tricks up her sleeve. Her charms and demonic powers make her a force to be reckoned with on the dance floor.

  • Age: Unknown.
  • Species: Demon.


Ruv is an introvert criminal in FNFRuv is an introvert criminal in FNF

This wanted criminal may be introverted, but when it comes to singing, he has talent to spare. If you need an ally in battle, Ruv is your man. He is Sarvente's friend and the only character she trusts.

  • Age: Unknown.
  • Species: Human.


Selever is the son of Sarvente and Ruv in FNFSelever is the son of Sarvente and Ruv in FNF

With a rebellious attitude and an interesting vocabulary, Selever does not follow the rules. But underneath that tough facade, there is a heart that beats for music and fun. It is said that he is the son of Sarvente and Ruv.

  • Age: 17 years old
  • Species: Half human, half demon.


Tabi is an ex-rapper and Girlfriend’s former love in FNFTabi is an ex-rapper and Girlfriend’s former love in FNF

A story of lost love and revenge lies behind Tabi. This former rapper is ready to face his past and no one can stand in his way. Daddy Dearest and his daughter are said to have taken advantage of him and that is why he wants revenge.

  • Age: 21 years old.
  • Species: Invisible human.


Zardy comes from the horror game Zardy's MazeZardy comes from the horror game Zardy's Maze

An angry scarecrow challenging you to a rap duel in a corn maze? Only at Friday Night Funkin'. Get ready for a spooky challenge with Zardy.

  • Age: Unknown.
  • Species: Scarecrow/human.


Matt is a dancing Mii in FNFMatt is a dancing Mii in FNF

From the fields of Wii Sports to the dance floor of Friday Night Funkin', Matt proves that the years have not taken away his skills. This Mii is ready to give you a rap lesson.

  • Age: 44 years old.
  • Species: Human (Mii Avatar).


Sonic.Exe is a devilish hedgehog in FNFSonic.Exe is a devilish hedgehog in FNF

Who needs nightmares when you have Sonic.Exe? This demonic hedgehog is ready to take your fears to the next level on stage. His appearance is very murky like almost everything else surrounding Boyfriend.

  • Age: Unknown.
  • Species: Demonic hedgehog.