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18.12 Problems with your network card drivers? Download 3DP Net for free and you can automatically get hold of the drivers of your card without any trouble
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If you've just formatted your system or you're thinking of doing so shortly, you should know that one of the most tedious things when it comes to overhauling our computer is downloading and installing the drivers for all our peripherals. On many occasions, we can't even access the official site of the network card, we don't know our exact model or our chip is no longer supported.

The software that will make life easier for you

In view of this situation, loads of developers have started to develop programs that simplify this task: they download and install the drivers for our device without waiting for any further orders. 3DP Net is one of those programs and it takes care of downloading and installing the drivers for our network card.

It's capable of only installing the appropriate network driver for our PC.

What's it for?

If you've had to format your computer due to an error and you've no longer got an Internet connection, you might have gone to the device manager and seen the typical 'unknown device' message. In that case, this portable application can solve the problem. Most of the times, this Windows error message is due to the fact that we don't have the drivers necessary to make it work.

3DP Net takes care of searching for them in its database, downloading and installing the controllers necessary to make your card work without you having to do anything. You don't even need to know the model of your chip.

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Antony Peel
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