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Learn how to handle your Linux distribution by downloading Ailurus for free. It makes it easier to install programs, carry out modification on GNOME, etc.

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When beginners start using Linux they usually have plenty of doubts. Due to this, finding programs like Ailurus can come in very handy. Because it's a program capable of making things easier and that can serve as help to the users.

Linux for everyone

It's a tool that includes some improvements and interesting programs for your Linux distribution. Each time you launch the application it will show information and tricks that will make it easier to learn how to handle the system. Furthermore, Ailurus also acts on other fronts...


  • Check the advice from Ailurus to improve how you handle the operating system.
  • Easily install and uninstall popular software on your computer.
  • Modify the configuration of your GNOME desktop environment.
  • Show information about your system and hardware.
  • Access the best repositories.
  • Create backups and restore the system...

Ailurus intends to make GNOME easier to use.

Get a grip on Linux with the help of Ailurus. Learn to use the operating system more dynamically thanks to the system optimizations available once you download Ailurus for free.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This software requires the GNOME user interface.
  • Compatible with Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint and ArchLinux.

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