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If your music collection doesn't include album covers, download Album Art Downloader for free and you will be able to download the covers of your albums

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When we download music from the Internet, on many occasions we don't have the covers of the LPs that we have on our hard drive, due to the fact that we may have downloaded the tracks separately, or they simply weren't included in the compressed file.

  Album Art Downloader will get rid of the problem of not having the covers of every single album in your collection, because by means of a simple interface we will access the best music cover databases, from which we will be able to download almost any cover of any CD that is on the market.

  It downloads the covers from Amazon, CDCoverHideout, CDCoverIsland, Discogs, Album Art Exchange, Cover-Paradise and dozens of other sites.

  Once you have performed the search, you will be able to filter or order the results by size or album, preview the covers in real size or download them in JPG format to your hard drive.

  Don't leave any of your collection's albums without a cover thanks to Album Art Downloader.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that you have .NET Framework installed to be able to use it.
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Album Art Downloader
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