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With DVD Decrypter you can make backups of your original DVDs. Download DVD Decrypter for free and eliminate the anti-copy protection of your films


Remove the anti-copy protection from your original DVDs

March 3, 2010
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DVD Decrypter is one of the best programs that have been created to eliminate the anti-copy protection from optical discs that prevent that we can perform valuable backups of our original DVDs. But due to pressure exerted by some companies, the developers were forced to cease the development of the project, and due to this, it isn't capable of avoiding the most modern protection systems.

But if you have old DVDs that you want to create backups of, or if you are going to use it together with another application that is capable of skipping these restrictions, you can still use DVD Decrypter. The creation of backups of our DVD collection is without a doubt the perfect solution to look after original copies, protecting them, for example, from the deterioration that its manipulation causes or playing it repeatedly with an optical reading device.

Advantages of using this software

  • Extract the full contents of a DVD or just the parts that we are interested in.
  • Play the contents of any DVD that we make a copy of directly from the hard drive, using a program like WinDVD or PowerDVD.
  • Possibility to compress the extracted files so that they occupy less space on discs and also the possibility to select the most appropriate format for our needs, by means of our usual multimedia converter.

The application supports the deletion of the majority of protections used until March 2005 (Macrovision, Content ScrambleSystem, ...) and regional codes.

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