Anti-Twin is a tool with which you will be able to locate duplicated files on your system. Download Anti-Twin free and eliminate the duplicated files

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The hard drives included in any computer nowadays are extremely big, but there always comes a time when their capacity still isn't enough, and one of the most usual reasons is duplicated files. Hundreds of audio, video, image and document files that occupy more space than they should because we have them stored more than once. Anti-Twin will help us find these duplicated files.

  How this software works is really simple, even though its interface can seem a bit complicated the first time we launch the application. We have to take into account, that as well as a powerful search engine, Anti-Twin provides us with all the options that we can configure to make sure that we only find duplicated files.

  To start off, it allows us to indicate two folders to compare, as will as the possibility to search for files with similar names, sizes and features. But we can even compare files that seam identical byte by byte to make sure, so by having Anti-Twin well configured, we will find the maximum amount of duplicated files.

  What's more, once we have the results, Anti-Twin includes a rudimentary previewer that will help us guarantee that we are really dealing with duplicated files.
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