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Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is tool to detect duplicate images. Eliminate duplicates photographs with Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder, it is free


Find duplicate photographs on your computer

February 3, 2022
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As time goes by it is common to accumulate photographs collections on a computer, and without realizing it can happen that more than one copy of the same image is stored, or maybe a modified version. To be able to detect this it is necessary to use an application like Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder.

Detect the similitudes

The basic working process of Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is to use a comparative algorithm to be able to see all the similitudes that can be found between two image files.

By means of this algorithm Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder will be able to notify the user about the degree of similitude between one image and another, it will then show them on the screen and offer the possibility to eliminate any of them with a single click of the mouse.

The other option offered by Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is to show the folder in which the image is stored so that the user can clearly see what the photograph was used for.

Download Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder to create more space on your hard drive by eliminating duplicate files.

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