Argente Disk Cleaner

Argente Disk Cleaner removes unnecessary files from your PC, as well as history files, private data... Free space by downloading Argente Disk Cleaner free


Remove unnecessary files from your PC

November 28, 2018
7 / 10

Argente Disk Cleaner is a free software application that allows you to eliminate files from your computer that have no use at all and that are totally unnecessary. It's a tool that allows you to free space on your drive eliminating the trash that deposits itself on the computer without remission, that will contribute itself to maintain the organization and improve your security.

Another alternative to CCleaner

The software is capable of eliminating files with more than 40 different kinds of extensions. Furthermore, it allows you to eliminate history files, privacy data and files created by third party software applications, for example: Nero, eMule, WinZip, Netscape...

Keep your PC clean.

It has seven secure deletion methods, new application search engine, creation of exclusion lists, task automation systems, tools section, possibility to launch the Windows defrag tool in the background...

If you need a cleaning and optimization tool with which you can keep your system clean, Argente Disk Cleaner can be a good option. Many configuration possibilities and a simple user interface complete this great program.

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