Argente Utilities

Argente Utilities is a great complete pack of tools. Argente Utilities is capable of analyzing, repairing and optimizing your entire operating system


Complete utiltiy pack for your PC

December 10, 2018
7 / 10

Argente is a make that is renowned because it has created a lot of small tools that will help us to analyze, optimize and repair our system. Now we can enjoy all of them together in this pack that aspires to become a complete optimization, repair, management and protection tool. To do so it has nothing less than 14 utilities that will open as we call upon them from the main menu of Argente Utilities.

Tools included in Argente

By means of the One Click Maintenance function it can launch Registry Cleaner, to clean the Windows Registry, Disk Cleaner, that eliminates duplicated and unnecessary files from our hard drive, Privacy Cleaner, that eliminates our Windows history, Spyware Cleaner, that analyzes and destroys all kinds of malware, and Spyware Inmunize, that prevents the installation of this kind of program on our computer, at the same time.

To optimize the system we will have utilities like Uninstall Manager, Startup Manager, Process Manager and System Optimizer, that can be added to security tools like System Repair and System Manager.

Furthermore, it comes with a pack of small utilities, both by Microsoft as well as by Argente, that will make many tasks on the computer much easier.

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