Ariolic Disk Scanner

Ariolic Disk Scanner is a tool to analyze any storage unit. Ariolic Disk Scanner is free and doesn't require any kind of installation, download it now


Discover which sectors of a storage unit may be damaged

April 1, 2019
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If you ever detect that one of the storage units that you are using (hard drives, memory cards, optical disks or pendrives) doesn't work properly, it may be due to a reading error on one of the sectors, so you will need a program that helps you to detect them, in case you have to contact a specialist that will help you to solve the problems.

Discover possible reading errors on your disks

Ariolic Disk Scanner is a very simple program that provides you with the possibility to discover if any of the storage units that you use have a reading error, only requiring that you select the proper disc and press the analysis button.

The program will check sector by sector and will mark those that have an error in red. One of the advantages of this development is that it doesn't require being installed, thus offering the possibility to take it with you on a pendrive.

It is worth highlighting that this tool won't help you to repair the errors and that you will need another tool to do so o you may even have to resort to an expert.

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