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Artoonix uses her own editor tor create animations in GIF, SWF and AVI format. Download Artoonix now and use images to generate appealing animations


Easily create your animations

March 7, 2011
6 / 10

Artoonix is a software application that will allow us to create animations in GIF, SWF and AVI format, simply indicating the frames that we want, the program allows us to modify them and animate them however we want.

Generate your own animations

An advantage of Artoonix in comparison with other programs that allow creating animations is that it includes its own editor, that as well as very complete, is capable of editing images in JPEG, GIF, BMP o WMF format, among others. This capacity allows that animation to be created frame by frame, with the possibility to play it whenever we want. There are few programs that will allow us to do this as simply as Artoonix does.

Additionally, Artoonix also allows adding audio to the files if we store them in AVI format. With the possibility to use an MP3 file or record our own voice with the microphone.

The animations that can be created with Artoonix are simple because they don't include great utilities, nevertheless, they are very valid when it comes to creating animated GIFs that we want to include in a website.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version has certain limitations.
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