Download GiftedMotion free to created animated GIFs in the simplest of manners. This app is a GIF file editor for Windows at the reach of all sorts of users


Free animated GIF editor

August 29, 2013
8 / 10

GIFs are small video animations made up by several images that are repeated in a loop. Creating a GIF is quite a simple task if you have the right program, as is the case of GiftedMotion, a GIF file editor.

Popular and easy to create

These animations are usually used on websites, forums, emails... To be able to create them with GiftedMotion you only need a few images of the same size in any of the compatible formats.

A simple tool that does its job.

Create a playback queue, organise the images, adjust the duration of each frame and generate your new GIF animation in a matter of seconds. GiftedMotion has nothing to do with the complex and hardly intuitive alternatives on the market.

Features of GiftedMotion

  • Compatible with image files in JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF formats.
  • Preview the results before exporting the file.
  • GUI design that gives priority to usability.
  • JAR file also compatible with other operating systems.
  • Doesn't require installation.

There may be many other applications to create animated GIFs, but none of them are as easy to use as GiftedMotion, which is also free. Download GiftedMotion free for Windows!

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires Java.
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