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Optimize how you use your processors with Ashampoo Core Tuner. Manage and assign the tasks to the different cores of your PC, download Ashampoo Core Tuner


Optimize the calculus potential of your processor

August 26, 2011
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Despite to the fact that it is more and more normal to come across high capacity processors everyday, it may be that your PC isn't carrying out the best possible use of yours. Are you detecting problems when it comes to launching applications? Slow response or programs that freeze? Ashampoo Core Tuner is the solution.

Ashampoo Core Tuner optimizes the use of the processor managing to distribute the tasks in a more effective and reasonable way, thus managing to optimize each process by making use of the driver technology. This process optimization can be performed both manually as well as automatically.


  • Manage processors with up to eight cores.
  • Create your own profiles or use templates of the processor based on what task you are going to be working on.
  • Adjust the process priority of each task (6 different levels).
  • Manage how many processors each program can use.
  • Live Tuner function: accelerate the start up of new applications by assigning all the resources available in a given moment.
  • View how the work is distributed and study in detail the values of each software and adjust the services and startup entries.
  • Intuitive interface. View the work of the processors graphically.

Become the manager of your system.

Tune your components

The steps you have to follow to optimize your computer are simple. Go to the task list, that shows each and every one of the processes that is running on your computer and select what you want to optimize. After that, change the priority and the amount of cores of the CPU destined to each process by creating rules that will be saved in the program. You will always be able to edit your rules to your own liking.

You will also be able to act on the Windows services and the programs that take part in the system startup. Both functions have their own section within the program's interface, that is rather complete and offers the chance to choose between two colors.

Improve the performance of your PC optimizing the tasks that the processor has to run. You only have to download Ashampoo Core Tuner, your computer will really notice the different and offer a better performance.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version can be used during 10 days.

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