Asus Ai Charger


Asus Ai Charger provides you with a faster way to charge an iPhone or iPad. It's capable of increasing the outgoing voltage of your computer's USB ports


Charge Apple's mobile devices much faster

March 23, 2016
7 / 10

You can now charge any Apple mobile device, such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, much faster thanks to Asus Ai Charger. This program turns laptops and desktop computers into universal chargers.

Charge an iPhone or iPad from your PC

Charging by USB is slower than doing so from an ordinary electricity socket. The thing is that this program increases the power of your computer's motherboard to increase the voltage of the USB port speeding up the charging process by up to 50%.

More voltage for a faster charging process.

Thus, we can avoid the problems we come across when one of the ports doesn't have enough energy, such as the device not charging.

How does Asus Ai Charger work?

You've only got to download the program, unzip the ZIP folder, install the program by clicking on Setup.exe and reboot your computer when required. Then plug-in your iPhone or iPad and it will start to charge. It improves the charging speed on any PC as this program is compatible with all of them, although the best results will be obtained on those made by Asus.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires a ZIP-compatible compressor.
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