Asynx Planetarium


Asynx Planetarium is great planetarium that you will be able to view on your computer. Download Asynx Planetarium and view thousands of stars and planets


The Universe from your computer

March 23, 2019
7 / 10

Our computer can become an open window to the Universe: stars, constellations, celestial objects. With can have all this within our grasp thanks to Asynx Planetarium. It is an application that performs the function of a planetarium with more than 2.500 stars and more than 100 constellations.

A very appealing way to get to know the stars through your PC

With Asynx Planetarium we will be able to see space in three different ways: horizontally, with the Earth as the center and with the Sun as the center. Thus we will be able to distinguish the stars, the planets, and other heavenly bodies, from a specific place and at a specific moment. We will be able to see the position of the heavenly bodies any moment in time: in the past, present or where they will be in the future.

When we choose any heavenly body with the mouse a window with its information will open, showing: the name of its star, the constellation to which it belongs, altitude, spectrum, etc. It will also show us a graph of the Moon phase. And if we want to, it will allow us to name a star after someone special.

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