Stellarium will place you in a virtual planetarium in which you will be able to study astronomy. Download Stellarium free and open a window to the Universe

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Astronomy is the science that consists of studying celestial objects, and all the things that happen in the universe (studying both the evolution as well as the formation). It is one of the oldest sciences, considering Aristotle as its creator. For astronomy lovers, there is nothing better than downloading Stellarium for free.

Stellarium will delight astronomy lovers.

This application will show you the vault of heaven as you had never seen before. Thus, Stellarium shows realistic photos of the sky taken in 3D and in real-time, allowing us to gaze at the stars, the constellations, and planets... as if we were looking through a telescope!

Main features

  • Incorporation of illustrations of constellations, planets, satellites and a catalog with more than 600,000 stars.
  • Powerful zoom.
  • Time control.
  • Different projection systems and observation modes.
  • Simulation of eclipses.
  • Possibility to add new images of constellations and other objects.
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