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Download Celestia free and explore the Universe's heavenly bodies from your computer. Celestia offers detailed data based on real telescope observations


Travel around the Universe from your PC

October 4, 2012
8 / 10

Finding out more about the Universe has always been the dream of many people. It's true that modern-day technology still doesn't allow us to travel around it like the people that go away for the weekend, but thanks to telescopes, satellites and other inventions we have a reliable view of what is out there. And if you download Celestia it will allow you exactly that, to visit the Universe from the comfort of your computer.

Enjoy all the secret of the Cosmos

With Celestia you will be able to check the real situation of planets, stars, constellations and all kinds of heavenly bodies as well as those satellites and space probes which have been launched from Earth to explore space. And you will be able to do all this with trustworthy situation data, representing the size and distance between two points and allowing us also to check aspects like orbits and trajectories of each of the elements, artificial or not.


  • View various galaxies based on images taken by telescopes like the Hubble.
  • Browse selecting destination objective.
  • Search for eclipse and heavenly bodies.
  • Adjust lighting.
  • Possibility to view orbits and the name of each of the elements.
  • Different visualization options with the possibility to choose which elements we want to see or not.
  • Capture video of your movements in AVI format or images in JPG and PNG format.

The best map of the Universe

You have to download Celestia for free if you want to explore each corner of the Universe, because you will be able to look up data and situations for more than 100,000 stars, with special attention to those visible from the Solar system.

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