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Audacity is probably the best free alternative to edit your audio files. Use if on your Linux distribution, download Audacity free on your computer

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Audacity is one of the best alternatives to be able to edit audio directly, it is a program that despite having a simple appearance, has a pack of tools that is more than complete, with which it is possible to easily modify any sound file.

Open source platform to record audio

The application will allow us to perform from small changes, like cutting, pasting or silencing audio fragments, to even being able to apply dynamic effects, like compressors and filters, or to change the technical properties of a file, like the channels or the resolution in bits.

One of the best functions of this tool is the sound recording and digitization by means of any input source, from the mic, to any application that uses our computer's audio interface.

The application has a very appealing interface, but it's necessary to know the menus if we want to process the sound signal with a specific effect, invert the phase or export the file in another format, to name a few examples, because it doesn't have direct accesses for the vast majority of options in the main window.

If you still don't have an audio editor installed on your distribution and you want a tool with which to be able to process all your sound files, try out Audacity.

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