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Downloading Autofill Forms free for Firefox helps you to complete online forms automatically. With Autofill Forms you will save time on the Internet


Fill in forms automatically

May 2, 2022
8 / 10

Filling in forms is very usual on the Internet. You need to fill in a form for almost everything: sign-ups, online purchases... Filling them in manually can be a nuisance that you can avoid with Autofill Forms, a tool that automatically fills in forms for you.

Fill in web forms with a single click.

Autofill Forms uses keyboard shortcuts to help you to complete online forms. You no longer need to input all your data manually, just configure the profiles you need in the plug-in, assign a keyboard shortcut and use it to fill in forms automatically.

Features of Autofill Forms

  • Create and configure as many profiles as you need.
  • Profiles full of information: name and surnames, email, address..
  • Fill in forms from the entry available in the context menu.
  • Compatible with text input fields, check boxes...
  • Includes a rule editor.
  • Import and export profiles.

Be more productive on the Internet

To make things even easier, Autofill Forms assigns the most appropriate profile to any website, although you can also use a generic profile for all your favorite pages. You can always create variations of the same profile. Both the keyboard shortcuts and the interface can be customized, and the information is kept securely thanks to Firefox Master Password.

With Autofill Forms you'll save time. If you want to fill in forms automatically on Firefox you have to download Autofill Forms for free.

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