Avanquest mobile PhoneTools

7.0 Motorola Edition

Avanquest mobile PhoneTools synchronizes the data from your PC with your mobile. Expand the functions of your mobile with Avanquest mobile PhoneTools


Synchronize your phone and your PC

February 25, 2011
7 / 10

Synchronizing your mobile phone with your personal computer can expand the features of both devices. With Avanquest mobile PhoneTools you will be able to synchronize both devices and access new functions thanks to their combined performance.

PC and mobile, always synchronized.

What does this tool do?

Avanquest mobile PhoneTools synchronizes the data from both devices and takes advantage of your mobile's range to provide your PC with an Internet connection if you don't have the possibility to connect via cable or WiFi. It synchronizes the contacts on the phone with the lists from applications like Outlook, Gmail and Lotus Notes, as well as allowing to send and share your files over the social networks directly from the mobile.

You can send text and multimedia messages from your PC taking advantage of its keyboard or customize the ringtones and wallpapers used on the phone. You'll also be able to create multimedia presentations, edit your video files and export them to your mobile phone. Furthermore, you'll be able to create backups of your phone's contact list or transfer the address book from one Motorola phone to another.

If you're a Motorola user, take advantage of the possibilities that Avanquest mobile PhoneTools has to offer you.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version allows the possibility to use the software during 15 days.
  • Requires a compatible Motorola phone.
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