AVG Driver Updater

2.4.0 AVG Driver Updater is a tool with which you can keep all your computer's drivers up to date, downloading updates from the developer's official sites
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AVG is definitely one of the most well-known computer security companies. Its antiviruses and different antimalware applications are very popular on both Windows and other platforms like Android, Mac or iOS. But, not only does it take care of developing programs that can help us protect the security of our computer, but also its stability.

An automatic driver updater

That's exactly what AVG Driver Updater is, a tool with which you can keep your different drivers always up to the date, running on the latest version. But, hey, what are you talking about? What's a driver? Well, basically the program that behaves like an interpreter between the PC's hardware and the operating system and its applications, between the physical side and the logical side.

More stability, more speed

It keeps your PC always up to date and also downloads the drivers from official sites. It even takes care of drawing up a preset profile to choose always the right ones. In fact, it benefits different aspects of the computer's functioning:

  • Fewer freezes, flaws and errors.
  • Fewer problems with peripherals such as printers.
  • Improved gaming and multimedia experience.
  • Faster browsing and downloads.
  • Clean and enriched audio.

What sound driver do I need? And what about my WiFi? And the Internet? Which drivers am I missing?

That's it. Enough questions about drivers. You'll find the answer to all of them with this application as this tool by AVG has access to drivers made by over 100 of the main hardware manufacturers, as well as more than 120,000 drivers.

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Antony Peel
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