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Back to Rockport is the name of the album by Kidd Keo and of the game featuring the trap singer in an endless runner where he is fleeing the paparazzi

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Rockport, the fictional town where the action takes place in the car racing videogame saga Need For Speed, was used as a motif by Kidd Keo to launch one of his records. Back to Rockport is also the name of the endless runner in which he stars as himself.

Escape the paparazzi and collect coins in this endless runner

This is an endless runner arcade game that has an identical format to other hits of the genre like Subway Surfers. We will control our character in a race full of obstacles in which we will have to try to not crash into any of them so that we don't get caught while we collect coins and other gifts that upgrade our button and give us special powers.

Game controls are easy: we just need to slide our finger around the screen to crouch, jump, or move left or right. The game offers good graphics and polished settings, along with the following features:

  • Play as Kidd Keo himself.
  • Unlock outfits for our star.
  • Explore Rockport and Keoland.
  • Enjoy songs from the album of the same name.
Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
Warner Music Inc.
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121 MB

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