Bamboo File Sync and Backup


Bamboo File Sync and Backup is a tool that allows to easily synchronize various folders. Download Bamboo File Sync and Backup and try its functions


More and better options to synchronize folders

May 13, 2019
6 / 10

Bamboo File Sync and Backup is a tool that allows us to synchronize folders with the bonus of being able to configure every little detail. Thanks to its intuitive interface and how well it works, this software will totally cover all your needs.

One of the best programs to carry out synchronization tasks

As soon as you install it, Bamboo File Sync and Backup will ask you to indicate what folders you want to synchronize, with the possibility to choose more than two, so that their contents are identical after the synchronizations. And since various can be configured, it is also possible to assign different names to each of the tasks.

Downloading Bamboo File Sync and Back free is one of the most simple ways available to be able to back up your files because it isn't at all difficult to synchronize one or more folders of the hard drive with a remote storage device to make sure that it doesn't suffer any damage. What's more, it is possible to discriminate data in such a way that the program only synchronizes images, videos, and documents.

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