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2018 Take control of a baseball team and manage it in Baseball Mogul. Take your team to win the championship from your position as manager in Baseball Mogul
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Baseball Mogul is a series of video games based on the most popular sport in the United States, Japan, and Central American countries: Baseball. It isn't a common sports simulator, it is a game in which you will have to manage all the different aspects of the MLB (Major League Baseball) club of your choice, from the tactics on the field to the team's transfer policy, as well as the financial situation, tracking players and managing the installations.

The perfect game for baseball fans

The game has one of the best baseball databases that exist, so as well as being able to play the current season, we will be able to play any season between 1901 and now, being able to see all the data that we want whenever we want, including each players statistics for a given season and the exact results of all the matches. Furthermore, it will allow us to add data manually to be able to keep up with the latest results at the same time that we play the game.

If you are a baseball enthusiast and you want to enjoy a game in which you will have control of even the slightest detail, Baseball Mogul is the best option.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version only allows you to play one full season.
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