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Batch Watermark Creator applies watermarks to your images and documents to clarify their source and ownership. Download Batch Watermark Creator to your PC


Add watermarks to your photos and documents

August 13, 2023
7 / 10

Batch Watermark Creator is a program to place watermarks on any document or image. There are many documents on the network that don't include any mention of their author or the owner of the rights, normally because it's unknown. Now, with Batch Watermark Creator you will be able to mark any work with the watermark of your choice.

Apply watermarks to your works

A watermark can range from a semitransparent image to a written text with the kind of font and size that you choose. It is very common to find screen captures, previews or exclusive images that have a watermark, and thanks to Batch Watermark Creator you will be able to place your own watermark on whatever documents you want.

One of the greatest advantages of Batch Watermark Creator is that it allows us to create profiles and even program lists so that all the documents and images are processed to include a watermark. This can be used to have various kinds of watermarks that are totally customizable and to place the one that we thinks that is going to work better, or be more appealing.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This software includes its own watermarks in the trial version.
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