Batchrun is an application that will allow you to create various scripts without having any knowledge of programming languages. Download Batchrun free


Comprehensive editing tool to create your own scripts

May 14, 2019
8 / 10

Batchrun is a graphic tool to create scripts that eliminate the necessity to dominate complicated and outdated programing languages at the same time that it is capable of launching lots of internal commands.

A graphic solution to create scripts that saves time and knowledge

Among other, it comes to substitute the .bat files written with DOS and serves to launch command and applications at a specific moment, using instead its own format, BRS, in which we will be able to program all the list of commands, scripts and applications to launch.

The .brs files are written in a graphic and intuitive way, by means of the Batchrun interface, adding commands and establishing the corresponding parameters, like priority and work folder.

Likewise, they are launched directly from the main window by means of the corresponding button, opening a new window in which we will be able to see the progress of the commands.

Batchrun even serves to start dialups or Internet connections. It includes file management functions like copy, rename, create folder, delete or end process, to such an extent that it can become a valuable tool for any system administrator.

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