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Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is a farm simulator for Android devices in which you'll have to bring up animals and look after your fields to become rich

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If you ever inherit an old farm there's only one thing you can do. But as everything is valid in the world of video games, in Big Farm: Mobile Harvest for Android you can rebuild your own farm from its ruins to turn it into a wealthy business that will eventually make you rich.

Seed and harvest, take care of the fields, and look after your animals.

Once you've installed the APK, it's time to start the fun. Your main goal is to seed crops, breed animals, sell your products, and build constructions that allow you to carry out your tasks. With each new level you pass, you'll have access to new creations, crops, decorations, and animals but also more game options. Apart from the plants and trees, you can also get hold of the following animals that you'll have to feed and look after:

  • Hens.
  • Pigs.
  • Cows.
  • Goats.
  • Ducks.
  • A dog.

The gameplay is based on placing the different elements in the creation queue and waiting the amount of time indicated (which you can reduce by paying). But this isn't a simple farm management game: you'll also have to build homes for your workers and make sure that they're happy because if they're not, your production costs will rise.

If you're a fan of the Harry Potter saga, you'll probably like the app a lot. Why? Because it looks like its characters are slightly inspired by series featuring the wizard kid. And not only in their aspect, but also their names, preferences, and professions. Check it out for yourself.

Build all sorts of fields, stables, and production buildings, and add beautiful decorations to your farm.

Cheats and tricks

Make sure your workers are happy. A great way of keeping their spirits high is buying seasonal decorations for special events as they reward you with extra points. Another tip is to pay with bank notes whenever possible as the gold is really hard to get hold of and you should save it for those products that can't be purchased in any other manner. You can also obtain gold by sending invitations to your friends on Facebook. It's also important to expand your lands whenever possible, as you increase your level because space is limited and you'll soon run out of room for your products.

Requirements and additional information:
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Antony Peel
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