The Sims Mobile Android Live a virtual life however you want with The Sims Mobile for Android. Create your character with his own style and personality and let him develop his life
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After several installments of The Sims for PC and video console, and a few adaptations for both Android and iPhone, we can finally play a dedicated version for smartphones and tablets. We're talking about The Sims Mobile, the game of the life simulator with which you can develop the life of your character wherever you go.

The Sims in mobile version

In this game, you'll find all the usual stuff but now in a new environment. In other words, you'll be able to create your sim from scratch, setting his physical attributes, style, and personality of your choice, but in a setting that you had never seen before in the Windows, Mac, PlayStation or Nintendo versions. Basically, because it's a specific development and not an adaptation of The Sims 3, 4 or 5 or any other expansions.

A virtual world.

The truth is that it's a game that doesn't require a presentation is everybody is familiar with its concept. However, we're glad to finally be able to play a version fully adapted to smartphones and tablets.

  • Create eye-catching sims: create them as your spitting image or invent that person you've always wanted to be with a new hairstyle, clothes, and accessories. Add a personality and choose different targets in life: DJ, doctor, chef... And help him to find a job.
  • Build the house of your dreams: if you were a different person, you'd probably want to live somewhere else, that's for sure. So build your own house and furnish it to the liking of your sim's personality. Adapt your home to be able to carry out all your favorite activities.
  • Create a legacy: you've got the chance to create and mold a sim during generations. When they fulfill their vital goals, you'll be rewarded with a heritage that can unlock careers for future generations. In other words, if you were a successful banker, your grandchild also might be so.
  • Socialize with other avatars like yours at parties or in the park. Get involved in long-lasting romantic relationships or experience quick dates in the park.

Don't think twice and get hold of this game. It's perfect if you want to escape from your own boring life and feel miserable once you realize that you're a loser that hasn't done anything special, or just use it a social simulator to experience everything you can't do in your real life even if you really don't have a desire to do so.

As we mentioned above, this is a version specifically developed for mobile devices but if you want to play it on your computer, you'll need to download the game's APK and get hold of an Android emulator of the likes of BlueStacks.

What's new in the latest version?

  • New rewards for the "Wash and Fold" Sweet Challenge.
  • Free hairstyle packs.
  • Androgynous looks for the Pride and Acceptation mission.
  • Everything you need for a day on the beach treasure hunting.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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Antony Peel
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