The best simulation games for Android

Play the best simulation games for Android becoming whatever you’ve always wanted to be. Drive different vehicles, manage all sorts of businesses and live a virtual life totally different from your real one

The Sims Mobile English
The Sims Mobile

The life simulator of The Sims for Android


LINE's social simulator

Sakura School Simulator 1.038.29 English

With this simulator, you decide how to play

Scary Teacher 3D 5.9.1 English

Take revenge on your wicked teacher

Pokémon Showdown! 2.3 English

The Pokémon battle simulator for Android

Car Parking Multiplayer 4.7.8 English

Park and drive your vehicles in this open world simulator

Bus Simulator Indonesia 3.5 English

Drive your bus around Indonesia

Touchgrind BMX 2 1.3.3 English

Control a cross country bike

Internet Cafe Simulator 1.4 English

Manage your own cyber café

City Smash 1.25.2 English
City Smash 1.25.2

City Destruction Simulator with realistic physics

Zombie Farm English
Zombie Farm

A zombies app... in which you have to grow them

Teacher Simulator 1.1.8 English

Perform a range of everday teacher tasks

Hype Simulator 3.1.3 English

Feel like a celebrity on social networks

Totally Reliable Delivery Service 1.3.5 English

Will you succeed in delivering all the packages?

Path of Titans 12285 English

Impressive multiplayer dinosaur simulator

theHunter 0.11.2 English
theHunter 0.11.2

Hunting wild and innocent animals

Solar Smash 1.4.1 English

Destroy planet Earth using whatever weapons you want

Play Together 1.0.10 English

A virtual world full of friends and mini-games

Xtreme Motorbikes 1.3 English

Freestyle motorbike simulator

Phone Case DIY 2.4.2 English

Cell phone casing decoration simulator

Mobile Bus Simulator 1.0.3 English

Make a Living Driving a Bus

IDBS Bus Simulator 7.0 English

Experience what is like to be a bus driver

WorldBox 0.7.3 English
WorldBox 0.7.3

Play God in this simulator

Indian Train Simulator 2020.4.11 English

Realistic Indian train simulator

Goat Simulator 2.1 English

The ultimate goat simulation game

3D Driving Class 23.70 English

Practice your driving skills while you play

Sky Fighters 3D 1.5 English

Fight your enemies with 10 different planes

Hay Day 1.49.5 English
Hay Day 1.49.5

Farm-based business management game

Jelly Dye 1.49 English
Jelly Dye 1.49

ASMR game where we get to color in different drawings using jelly dye

Public Transport Simulator 1.1 English

Go ahead and your own bus

Omnitrix Simulator 3D 2.5.1 English

Play with the Omnitrix from Ben 10

Flying Car Transport Simulator 1.26 English

Fly through the skies in a flying car

Jurassic Park Builder 4.9.0 English

Build your own Jurassic Park

Taxi Sim 2020 1.2.17 English

Experience the life of a taxi driver in big cities around the world

Euro Truck Driver 3.1 English

Truck-driving simulator for driving on European highways

Farming Simulator 19 1.1 English

Complete farm simulator

War Wings 5.6.63 English
War Wings 5.6.63

Second World War airplane game

Sculpt people 1.7.2 English

Molds and sculpts busts in the image and likeness of the models

School of Driving 1.05 English

Learn to drive from your Android

Dr. Driving 1.64 English

A car racing game in which we have to drive properly