The best simulation games for Android

Play the best simulation games for Android becoming whatever you’ve always wanted to be. Drive different vehicles, manage all sorts of businesses and live a virtual life totally different from your real one

The Sims Mobile English
The Sims Mobile

The life simulator of The Sims for Android

Hay Day 1.61.264 English
Hay Day 1.61.264

Farm-based business management game

Dragon City 24.4.1 English
Dragon City 24.4.1

Breed cuddly dragons and turn them into fearsome beasts

Avakin Life 1.092.00 English
Avakin Life 1.092.00

A game for living a virtual life and making friends

FarmVille 2: Country Escape 25.2.117 English

Manage the funniest farm on Android


LINE's social simulator

Supermarket Simulator 3D Store 1.0.22 English

Run your own supermarket from a realistic perspective

Littlest Pet Shop 2.3.3d English

Collect and take care of pets

Gacha Y2K 1.0.0 English
Gacha Y2K 1.0.0

Design SD characters and play with them

My Child Lebensborn 2.0.108 English

Raising a Lebensborn child in a hate-filled society

Totally Reliable Delivery Service 1.4121 English

Will you succeed in delivering all the packages?

Farming Simulator 23 English

Netflix invites you to manage a farm

Love and Deepspace 1.0.3 English

Mesmerizing Romantic Sci-Fi Visual Novel

Pizza Ready! 3.0.0 English

Manage a minimalist pizzeria

Pokémon Showdown! 2.3 English

The Pokémon battle simulator for Android

Green Farm 3 4.4.4 English
Green Farm 3 4.4.4

Become the best farmer

Pumpkin Panic 1 English

A spooky farm simulator

Truck Simulator: Ultimate 1.3.4 English

Truck driving simulator with tycoon game elements

Melon Sandbox 22.0 English

Design scenarios and smash the dolls

Rec Room 20240411 English
Rec Room 20240411

A large virtual world to build and play with other players

Barber Chop 5.4.81 English
Barber Chop 5.4.81

Become a professional hairdresser and barber

Truckers of Europe 3 0.45.2 English

Drive realistic trucks across Europe

Extreme Car Driving Simulator 6.84.7 English

One of the most realistic car simulators

Drivers Jobs Online Simulator 0.148 English

Work as the driver of various vehicles

Sakura School Simulator 1.042.00 English

With this simulator, you decide how to play

Car Parking Multiplayer English

Park and drive your vehicles in this open world simulator

Equestria Girls 37893 English

Live a thousand adventures with your dolls in this virtual high school

Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue 2.1.1a English

Look after the safari park's animals

Cooking Simulator Mobile 1.107 English

Become a top chef in this simulator

Win 98 Simulator 1.4.4 English

Relive the Windows 98 experience on your Android

Universal Truck Simulator 1.14.0 English

Drive different trucks in a realistic environment

Bus Simulator Indonesia 4.2  English

Drive your bus around Indonesia

Car Saler Simulator Dealership 1.16 English

Manage your own used car dealership

Buckshot Roulette 1.2 English

Play Russian Roulette with the Devil

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator 2.9.6 English

Epic battles between beasts and animals

Car For Sale Simulator 2023 3.3.6 English

Start a used car buying and selling business

World Bus Driving Simulator 1.367 English

Realistic bus driving simulation game

Skylanders Lost Islands 2.0.2 English

Build your own island in Skylands

Starr Drop 0.9.6 English
Starr Drop 0.9.6

Brawl Stars Chest Simulator

Goat Simulator 2.18.1 English

The ultimate goat simulation game

Retail Store Simulator 3.2 English

Create and manage your own supermarket

Xtreme Motorbikes 1.8 English

Freestyle motorbike simulator

Internet Cafe Simulator 1.91 English

Manage your own cyber café

World Truck Driving Simulator 1,389 English

Realistic Truck Simulator

Indian Train Simulator 2024.2.3 English

Realistic Indian train simulator

Indian Cars Simulator 3D 33 English

Nice car simulator with realistic graphics

BitLife 3.11.9 English
BitLife 3.11.9

A simulator to face up to life

Dragon Mania Legends 7.9.2a English

Become the Best Dragon Trainer

Big City Life 1.4.7 English

Big city life simulator where you will start with the basics

Heavy Bus Simulator 1.089 English

Drive a bus at full throttle

Dr. Driving 1.70 English

A car racing game in which we have to drive properly

Lovely Pet 1.13 English

Take care of an adorable puppy and perform tasks to earn rewards

Life with Nin 1.0.2 English

A life simulator where you will live with a beautiful girl

Drone Acro Simulator 1.4 English

Move around the world from a drone's-eye view

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star 1.4.2 English

Build and manage the Death Star

Outlets Rush 1.33.0 English
Outlets Rush 1.33.0

Manage stores in a shopping mall

theHunter 0.11.2 English
theHunter 0.11.2

Hunting wild and innocent animals

Dam Builder 0.0.7 English

Build and upgrade a dam in Dam Builder

Game Dev Tycoon 1.0.242 English

Create video games as you play

Girl Alone 1.2.15 English
Girl Alone 1.2.15

Keep a lonely girl company

3D Driving Class 30.52 English

Practice your driving skills while you play

Taxi Sim 2022 Evolution 1.3.4 English

Experience the life of a taxi driver in big cities around the world

WolfQuest 2.7.4p4 English
WolfQuest 2.7.4p4

Slip into the skin of a wolf in the wild

ES Truck Simulator ID - ESTS 1.1.6 English

Drive your truck around the streets of Indonesia

Omnitrix Simulator 3D 2.6.2 English

Play with the Omnitrix from Ben 10

High School Simulator GirlA 3.3 English

Enjoy high school life the way you want

Jurassic Park Builder 4.9.0 English

Build your own Jurassic Park

Farming Sim Brasil 0.6 English

Realistic and Demanding Farm Simulator

DEEEER Simulator 1.2.7 English

The most surreal simulator for smartphones

Lovely Plants 1.10 English

Earn rewards by growing digital plants

Euro Truck Driver 4.2 English

Truck-driving simulator for driving on European highways

Butcher's Ranch: Homestead 1.12 English

Manage your own farm in the Wild West

Virtual Sim Story 7.6 English

Live a dream life and discover the mysteries of Clearbell Island

Solar Smash 2.3.3 English

Destroy planet Earth using whatever weapons you want

Construction Simulator 3 1.2 English

A realistic construction simulator

Market Simulator 2024 1.0.7 English

Manage and run your own supermarket

MetaCity M 1.0 English

Start you new life in the metaverse

Dinos Online 6.1.0 English

Become a dinosaur and explore the wild world

911 Operator 5.09.05 English
911 Operator 5.09.05

Directs the city's emergency teams

Play Together 2.00.0 English

A virtual world full of friends and mini-games

European Luxury Cars 2.51 English

Drive the best European luxury cars

PickUp 1.1.1 English
PickUp 1.1.1

Restore your car and get on the road with it

Shinobu: Sweet Time 1.0.9 English

Have a good time with your virtual girlfriend

100 Years 1.4.31 English
100 Years 1.4.31

Progresses year by year in a person's life

Off The Road 1.15.4 English
Off The Road 1.15.4

Driving adventure in an open-world game

Farm Paradise 2.40 English

Make your farm evolve on an island

Craft Rain Fun Castle 319165 English

Build your worlds with large blocks

Infinite Flight 24.1.1 English

Fly airplanes with a great deal of detail

Teacher Simulator 1.8.2 English

Perform a range of everday teacher tasks

Mobile Bus Simulator 1.0.5 English

Make a Living Driving a Bus

GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D 2.8.21 English

Aerial warfare simulator

Deer Hunter 2018 5.2.4 English

Go hunting on your mobile

The Flintstones: Bedrock! 1.6.3 English

Help the Flintstones rebuild their city

Heavy Machines & Construction 1.10.4 English

Heavy machinery driving simulator

Wild Animals Online - WAO 3.5 English

Choose a wild animal and survive in the wild

Unmatched Air Traffic Control 2022.06 English

Become an air traffic controller in this flight simulator

Proton Bus Simulator 1300 English

Get behind the steering wheel of a bus in this driving simulator

WorldBox 0.22.21 English
WorldBox 0.22.21

Play God in this simulator

Sandbox in Space 1.6.1 English

Create your own games in this space sandbox

MA 2: President Simulator 1.0.61 English

Become president and lead a modern country to glory

Repair My Car! 2.6.4 English

Have fun repairing broken cars

Touchgrind BMX 2 2.1.10 English

Control a cross country bike

Public Transport Simulator 1.3.2 English

Go ahead and your own bus

House Designer 1.1480 English

Decorate and repair your house to make it inhabitable

Fallout Shelter 1.16.0 English

Build and manage your nuclear shelter

Just Dance Now 6.2.3 English

The dancing game you have been waiting for

Indian Heavy Driver 69 English

Drive different vehicles in the open world

Motor Depot 1.352 English

Drive all types of vehicles in a realistic environment

Idle Egg Factory 2.5.5 English

Manage your own egg factory

Grand Truck Simulator 1.13 English

Truck driving simulator

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp 5.6.0 English

The Android version of Animal Crossing

Ada Life 1.0.1 English
Ada Life 1.0.1

Live a pleasant life in the countryside together with your virtual girlfriend

My Toy Shop! 0.24.0 English
My Toy Shop! 0.24.0

Manage your own toy and game store

Caucasus Parking 9 English

Realistic car driving and parking

AI Mix Animal 1.6 English

Combine animals to create new creatures

Truck Simulator: Europe 1.3.5 English

Feel the realistic experience of driving a truck through Europe

Horse Riding Tales 988 English

Horseback riding in a dream adventure

Case Simulator 2 1.96 English

Have fun unboxing weapons from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

City Airplane Pilot Flight 2.57 English

Carry out missions in this flight simulator

SpongeBob Diner Dash 3.25.3 English

Serve crabby patties at full throttle!

SpongeBob & Friends: Build Nickelodeon's Mega City 1.0 English

Create Bikini Bottom with SpongeBob

Bridge Constructor 12.3 English

Design and build bridges to avoid drops

Love Sparks 2.33.0 English
Love Sparks 2.33.0

A virtual dating chat that is fun, fictional, and narrative

Power Wash Simulator 1.9 English

A pressure washer simulator

Shoujo City 3D 1.10 English

Enjoy a date in a digital version of Tokyo

FormaCar 4.0.8 English
FormaCar 4.0.8

Tune and build amazing cars

Offroad Chronicles 0.2237 English

Drive powerful cars in difficult conditions

Pocket Pioneers 0.2.4 English

Live a peaceful life in the countryside

Ice Cream 1.0.9 English
Ice Cream 1.0.9

Prepare delicious ice cream and leave your customers satisfied

Farmer Sim 1.9.0 English
Farmer Sim 1.9.0

Experience life on a farm

International Fashion Stylist 5.9 English

Become famous as a stylist

City Taxi Driving Simulator 1.56 English

Discover the world of the taxi in this simulator

Overdrive City 1.4.28 English

Create your motoring empire and make your own cars

IDBS Bus Simulator 7.7 English

Experience what is like to be a bus driver

Car Simulator 2 1.49.6 English

Drive your car around an open world

The Road Driver 2.0.5 English

Drive coaches and freight trucks to earn money

Deer Hunter Classic 3.14.0 English

Kill wild animals on your Android

Donut Trumpet Tycoon 3.2.8 English

Game to trade with the properties in your environment

Horse Haven World Adventures 10.0.0 English

Create and run your own horse shelter

Real Car Parking 2 6.2.0 English

The car game to learn how to park

War Wings 5.6.63 English
War Wings 5.6.63

Second World War airplane game

Nemo's Reef 1.8.1 English

Build a reef for Nemo and his friends

Township 12.0.0 English
Township 12.0.0

Design and manage your dream city

Dr. Panda's Christmas Bus 1.0.1 English

Drive around with Dr. Panda

Heavy Duty Stunt Racing 1.4.0 English

Truck driving, jumps, and acrobatic stunts

Clean It 1.3.4 English
Clean It 1.3.4

Collect, clean, and improve your business

Farm Frenzy 1.3.24 English
Farm Frenzy 1.3.24

The mobile version of the classic farm game

Arm Wrestling Clicker 1.3.5 English

Train to gain strength and win global arm wrestling competitions

Black Border 1.4.03 English
Black Border 1.4.03

Works as a customs police officer

Fashion Show 3.0.4 English

Choose the best outfit for every occasion