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Put your hunting skills to test in theHunter, a first-person shooter game for Android in which we will enter a beautiful forest to kill little animals

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Hunting games are not made for sensitive hearts or animal lovers, that's for sure. However, it is striking that the person who welcomes us to this game developed by the Expansive Worlds AB studio is a ranger who boasts about land and wildlife. She will be the one to introduce us to the winding path of animal hunting in the Lake Layton district, home to animals of all shapes and sizes.

Explore a wide and beautiful scenery in search of prey

The game theHunter places us in a beautiful natural landscape created in three dimensions where a lot of wonderfully designed animals live. Our goal? To shoot them down.

A huge reserve made up of multiple regions with a variety of species to hunt, based on the impressive landscape of North America.

Throughout our tour we will encounter a lot of species, such as moose, bears or deer. To hunt them we will have to practice our tracking skills, our stealth and our aim through a quite realistic shooting system.

In addition, we will have a wide range of weapons that we will be able to level up as we end the lives of more and more animals. It also features a trophy system, a multiplayer mode and a world leaderboard.

The FPS has a great design and a beautiful environment. However, for many people it will not be a pleasant game. Although at least they have been spared the more gore and blood that other similar hunting games include.

Requirements and additional information:
Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
Expansive Worlds AB
Over a year ago
148 MB

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