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Do you dream of a quiet life in the countryside? The simulator Harvest Town invites you to create your very own little farm and enjoy lots of mini-games

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As the pace of modern life accelerates, more and more people dream of leading a quiet life in the countryside. And, if we can't, at least we have farm simulators, like this endearing title with pixel art style graphics that we have in our hands.

Your life in the countryside starts here

Harvest Town is a tender 2D RPG that follows the bases of life simulators like Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley mixed with the mechanics of the first installments of the Zelda saga. Our story begins when the protagonist somehow ends up in the countryside. And there he sets out to enjoy the quiet life he wanted so much.

The mechanics consist of helping our character to settle in the village and get the necessary resources to enjoy this new stage of his life. To do this, we have intuitive controls perfectly adapted to mobile devices.

It is not just a simulation game, we have provided more elements to the game, such as role, puzzle or interaction.

In this sense, we can move around the stage with a virtual joystick or with touches on the screen. In addition, we have action buttons that change depending on the item we have equipped and several shortcuts to our inventory.

Throughout the adventure we can do a lot of things. Growing all kinds of plants, decorating the scenery, exploring the corners of the village, raising animals, interacting with NPCs and even finding love are some of them. It also includes changing seasons and interactive multiplayer features.

Besides raising chickens, ducks, cows, sheep and horses, you can also adopt cute cats and dogs, which will make you experience a more realistic farm life.

This is a charming game with an exquisite retro touch that will delight old-school gamers. Downloading the APK file offers us a lighthearted and fun experience with a delightful touch of humor that takes us to a peaceful village every time we start the game.

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Shay O’Toole
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