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Create your own avatar and start experiencing your dream life. Enjoy The Sims 4 with a new release with more realistic and emotion-filled characters


The most famous social simulator

October 21, 2022
7 / 10

Living another life is not possible in reality, because even if you resort to social media to make up a different life, it will be humiliating if you are discovered. However, you have another harmless and possibly more fun alternative: social simulators. And the Sims series from Electronic Arts is possibly the best-known game of this genre.

A life completely to your liking.

Buy a country house or get as many pets as you want

These and other activities are possible in The Sims 4 Mac version. Seeing how our avatars or Sims evolve will be one of the main attractions of this game. This new release features several improvements over previous versions of the game to make it even more realistic:

  • The Sims are smarter, more friendly, and offer greater personality differences from one another.
  • They had their artificial intelligence improved: they move and act more naturally and even show their moods in the way they walk. The player is offered the ability to shape personality traits and aspirations, as well as explore the desires of their entire lifetime using thoughts, relationships, careers, and resources.
  • They are also more emotionally complex as they can feel and express emotions. As you will see, they can even be influenced by other Sims or actions, memories, clothing, or objects they interact with.
  • The tools for creating and building have also been improved.
  • Everything you have created, such as characters or household units, can be shared with other users. You can also download theirs.

A game that grows through its expansion and content packs

This game has expansions that recreate the atmosphere of common situations in our lives. We can find Get to work! Which is related to the working world. They also launched Get Together? and City Living, two expansions that aim to recreate nightlife and life in a large cosmopolitan city, respectively.

The downloadable contents offer other more concrete and specific situations, where you will find everything you need to go camping, visit a spa, or eat a gourmet meal, among others.

If you were waiting for the fourth release of the top virtual life game, putting aside Second Life, you can now enjoy it on your Mac. It is also free to play, meaning you can download it for free and expand it through in-app purchases.

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