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Create your own avatar and live the life of your dreams. Have fun playing The Sims 4 with a new installment full of realistic and sensitive characters
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Living a new life isn't always possible, but you can always resort to social networks to invent one, although it might be slightly embarrassing if you get caught out. You've got another more harmless and entertaining solution: social simulators. And The Sims series by Electronic Arts is possibly the most known game in this category.

Live a life to your own liking.

Buy a house in the countryside or collect loads of pets

You can carry out all these and other activities in The Sims 4 in its version for Mac. Seeing how our avatars or sims evolve is one of the main assets of this game. In fact, in this new installment, there are a series of improvements regarding previous versions of the game that make them even more realistic:

  • The Sims are now much smarter, more sociable and emotionally different between them.
  • The AI of the avatars has been improved: they move around and behave more naturally and they even show their mood in the way they walk. The player has the chance to configure personality traits and ambitions, as well being able to explore their vital desires through their thoughts, sociability, career, and resources.
  • There's a greater emotional load since they are capable of feeling and expressing emotions. In fact, they can even be influenced by other Sims or actions, memories, clothes or objects.
  • The tools to create and build have also been improved.
  • Anything you've created, such as characters or domestic units can be shared with the rest of users. In turn, you can also download theirs.

A game that grows through expansion and content packs

This game comes along with expansions that recreate the atmosphere of usual situations in people's life. That's why we can play Get to Work! about the professional field, Get to Meet and City Living, that recreate the nightlife and the life in a huge cosmopolitan city, respectively. Content packs offer specific situations where you can find whatever you need to go camping, to the spa or a restaurant.

So if you were waiting to play the fourth installment of the virtual game of life par excellence, apart from Second Life, you can now enjoy it on your Mac.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a pay-to-play game.

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