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Cheat Engine is the perfect tool for cheating gamers. Access the memory of your Mac and modify the values of games and other programs to gain advantages


Modify your Mac's memory

March 9, 2023
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Cheat Engine is a program that analyzes the content of your computer's memory whilst you're in a game to be able to modify its values. It was initially only conceived for Windows, but over time its developers decided to expand the compatible platforms and bring it over to Mac computers.

What can we do with Cheat Engine?

You can make your computer do everything on its own, in other words, you can play your games and let the program modify the memory spaces of your choice without having to keep an eye on anything other than the game itself. The power of this software allows you to change the assembly language of the game, the code used to communicate with the processor to modify its behavior. In the small amount of space occupied on your hard drive, it offers you a wide range of possibilities to manage your memory:

  • Automatic searches within the memory.
  • Search for unknown values.
  • Recognizes over 8 different data types.
  • Can disassemble the code to modify it easier.
  • Creation of automatic modifications in a game's memory.
  • Possibility to debug the program during its modification.
  • Follow up the modifications of the values in the registers and on the memory map.
  • You can add plug-ins to make the software even more powerful.

What games can be modified?

The vast majority of games installed on your computer running macOS can be modified. They don't necessarily need to be titles downloaded from the Mac App Store, games like Pokémon or Plants vs Zombies can also be altered. Therefore, forget about online games that aren't physically installed on your computer such as Facebook games or online platforms.

What's new in the latest version

  • New dark mode.
  • Adds all sorts of changes to improve the system and bug fixes.
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