Façade Mac


Façade is defined as a single-act interactive drama that you'll repeat time after time until you complete it successfully. Save your friends' marriage


A single-act interactive drama

July 7, 2015
7 / 10

If you want to have fun in front of your Mac and live an original experience, with Façade you'll manage to do so. This sort of dramatic game puts you in a very complicated situation.

Everything that happens depends on your actions.

More than a game, an experiment

The truth is that once you install this application, you'll be faced with an experiment in which virtual characters take part. Artificial Intelligence is an important part of this experience, as the main characters all have their own AI so as to behave realistically in view of the situations posed. You'll never know how things will turn out.

An interactive story

Imagine your friends Grace and Trip inviting you out for dinner. They are a happily married couple in their thirties, or that's at least what it seems. During the dinner everything goes wrong and you're involved in a drama that can destroy your friends' marriage.

The future of this couple relies on what you say and do. Observe the scene, take the best decisions and manage to save Grace and Trip's marriage.

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