Downloading Bitrix24 will allow you to have a common online work environment. With Bitrix24 all the members of a team will be permanently connected


Create an intranet for your work team

December 20, 2021
8 / 10

Having a private workspace for you and your workmates, just like an intranet, is now possible by downloading Bitrix24, the application that will allow us to always be in touch, wherever we are. This tool will connect us regardless of the device used by each one of us to access the Internet and allows us to send messages, follow the development of tasks or share documents among other functions.

An easy-to-configure and free intranet.


  • Collaborative workspace for members of a work team.
  • Configurable user profile.
  • Notifications system.
  • VoIP phone calls.
  • Online storage space of 5 GB.

Smooth environment for group projects

Bitrix24 provides us with a smooth common workspace thanks to the fact that it has an option to make video calls for groups of up to four participants. Together with the cloud storage space that will be synchronized with the device of each member of the group, it will become a work platform with exceptional attributes, bearing in mind its price: absolutely nothing.

Download Bitrix24 and create the intranet you and your workmates need in a matter of minutes.

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