Celtx is a program that offers you the possibility to manage the creation of any multimedia project. Download Celtx free to pre-produce any of your projects


Excellent tool for multimedia projects

July 6, 2012
6 / 10

Before we start shooting a film or drawing a comic, we need a project plan in which everything is well defined, from the responsibilities of all the members that take part in the project, to the outline of the chapters or scenes.

The project manager adapted to multimedia projects

Celtx is a program that has been designed to help in the pre-production and planning tasks of any multimedia project (films, documentaries, advertisements, video games,...). It's an adapted project manager, with a very attractive interface, that works out to be totally free of charge.

The program has templates for each kind of project. It has been created with for the non-linear development of ideas, with the objective of being able to add updates whenever we want.

Among the most important tools that it includes, we can find several utilities to write and draw, an application to develop storyboards, a complete organizer and script manager. We're also able to link multimedia files stored on our hard drive with any of the areas of our project.

Lauriane Guilloux

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Antony Peel

Antony Peel